The Key To Creating And Running A Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign.

As a small business owner, digital marketing can be exhausting – particularly given how many different strategies there are out there. Even social media marketing (which is 1 of 9 major online marketing methods) is a complicated beast – and that’s not to mention the fact that each platform has different requirements.

In order to try and keep things simple, we’re going to focus on creating and running a successful advertising campaign on Facebook. What’s the key to pulling it off? Let’s take a closer look…

What is the key to creating and running a successful Facebook advertising campaign?

The key to success when using Facebook to advertise your products is…research.

Yes, yes! It sounds terribly boring, but if you want to run a Facebook advertising campaign that will not fall flat on its face, there’s a lot of work to do first. Here are some handy optimization tips to bear in mind:

  • Narrow down your audience with Facebook targeting: Not only do you need a crystal clear image of who your target demographic is, but you need to dial in your ads using Facebook targeting and then speak to them – almost as though you are in the same room with them.
  • Create different ads for different people: While your demographic might be quite niche, if you are selling multiple products that appeal to different people, you should refine your ads to be hyper-focused – and run a variety. Given Facebook’s versatility in targeting, running one blanket ad is wasteful.
  • Match your copy and visuals: It might seem obvious, but craft your copy and imagery together. Don’t just create a visual and throw some copy down or vice versa. They must be made for one another – like the beautiful old couple next door who have been together for 60-years! The same applies when leveraging Facebook video as well.
  • Focus on one CTA: You need a clear goal when advertising on Facebook. Are you pushing a certain product? Trying to grow your audience? Building brand awareness? When people see your ads they need to know precisely what they’re letting themselves in for.
  • Add value: The average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads every single day. If you hope to stand out, you need to lead with immense value.
  • Use simple language and cut the fat: While some consumers certainly resonate with big words, you will invariably neglect others. However, when using simple language, you are making your ads accessible to everyone.
  • Be transparent with numbers: Running a sale? How much money are people going to save? Be transparent.
  • Research other ads and take note of those that resonate with you: What are other brands doing? What works for you and what doesn’t? Do your research and use your newfound perspective when crafting your own.
  • Test and improve: Start small and test your copy first. Don’t go all in and commit your entire ad spend to an untested campaign. Test, learn, improve.

Conclusion: Be diligent and don’t give up

If you are thorough in your research and you continue to test and refine your approach to Facebook advertising, it’s only a matter of time before you have a breakthrough.

Some ads, no matter how proud you are of them, will invariably fail. The key is to not get too precious and to go back to the drawing board – taking what you’ve learned from your mistakes with you.

Of course, Facebook advertising is a job in and of itself, so if you have neither the time nor desire to do the work, it’s always worth investing in Facebook advertising services from a well-established digital marketing agency.

In doing so, not only will you save yourself a lot of time and effort – but you’ll also be leveraging the experience and expertise of those who have run dozens and dozens of campaigns in the past and have learned from their mistakes.

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