How Do Mosquitoes Survive The Winter?

How Do Mosquitoes Survive The Winter?

There are a lot of good things about the summer that people miss when the warm day’s end and the chilly ones begin– the juicy mangoes, pool parties, barbecues, etc. However, one thing you surely won’t miss is the mosquitoes. If you may have noticed, mosquitoes significantly reduce in numbers when the colder months arrive. This might make one question where these pesky insects fly to or hide.

As the temperature drops, these winged insects lose their ability to fly. Therefore, it makes sense when they are no longer seen in your room. Like bears, mosquitoes have their own way of hibernating through the season. Meanwhile, if you are struggling with a mosquito infestation at home, call Boston Pest Control today.

Surviving the winter

When the temperature starts getting lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a sure sign that the mosquito season is over and that these flying insects must hide themselves to prepare for the winter. Mosquitoes have their own way of hibernating. Female mosquitoes find burrows and hide in trees, inside the ground, in logs, and other “safe” places.

Not just outside, but mosquitoes find your home’s attic and basement an excellent hideaway for the winter. It is the ideal shelter since they can remain warm while having a food resource nearby.

Mosquitoes living in much colder regions enter a stage called diapause, where they delay their development and slow their metabolism. They find shelter in a warm and dark place, enter into a diapause and wait for the weather to get warmer to get out. Female mosquitoes usually do this. They are able to remain in this state for several months.

A diapause is not the same hibernation that sleeping bears go into. The flying critters do not sleep for months until the weather is warmer. They simply delay their development for a few months so that their bodies are not affected due to the change of season.

Do not forget about the snow mosquito!

While most mosquitoes go into a suspended development mode during the winter, one kind of mosquito remains active during the winter: Aedes Communis. They remain active throughout the winter, biting people and laying their eggs in the snow melts. While it is not the only species that stays active, it is the one commonly referred to when speaking of winter or snow mosquitoes.

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