8 Ways to Use Facebook Video for More Engagement

8 Ways to Use Facebook Video for More Engagement

Similar to Instagram, the power of Facebook video is undeniably boundless. One can leverage this platform maximally to build their brand’s reputation, convert leads, enhance their online presence, and finally boost sales. Video posts are much more influential than any other form of content.

Advertisers can make optimal use of videos on Facebook to lure their target audience into investing in their products and services. That being said, how exactly can you make engaging videos and serve their purpose of impressing your audience to spend more time on your page? Let’s discover below eight ways of doing so. 

1. Keep it Short 

The single-best way to make the most out of video marketing on Facebook is to create short yet compelling videos. It is an art to be able to create videos that are concise but work wondrously in helping the audience understand the purpose of your video.

Short and intriguing videos are an excellent approach towards making refreshing and engaging content. It can further allow advertisers to create much stronger relationships with their followers and prospective consumers. It is ideal for posting videos that are no longer than 2 minutes. These effectively help you address your consumers and ensure that you deliver your desired message without them getting bored. 

Human beings, in general, have an attention span shorter than that of goldfish. This itself tells you how important it is to make a small video that effectively speaks to your customers. 

2. Focus on the Aesthetics 

It goes without saying that everybody loves compelling and aesthetically-pleasing videos. It is essential that you focus on creating videos that are not only educational but also look pleasing to the eyes. 

There’s no point in creating videos with so much effort if they aren’t able to grab the attention of the majority of viewers. The best way to lure your audience into watching your videos is to create engaging videos filled with essential animations, stickers, special effects, and other elements. A reputable video maker can come in handy to create a professional and catchy video. 

3. Educate Your Viewers 

Another important tip to remember is to educate your viewers. Before you decide to educate your viewers on what your video is all about, you want to consider educating yourself about what your target audience may be interested in. 

This is a great way to get to know your audience and create videos that are relevant to the interests of your customers. 

4. Make A Compelling Intro 

Creating a compelling intro counts. Make the first few seconds of your respective video as engaging as possible. These are the very initial seconds that will determine if your video will notice enough viewers. 

The most ideal and easy way to increase engagement is to generate curiosity, and your intro is the best way to do this. Make sure that you avoid sounding too salesy as it will drive your prospective customers away. 

5. Incorporate an Eye-Catching Thumbnail 

Additionally, it is highly crucial that you incorporate an eye-catching thumbnail so that you instantly grab the attention of your viewers. A thumbnail is essential as it determines your first impression among your viewers. Your video’s thumbnail must be as relevant to the video as possible. 

Do not put a thumbnail whose clip isn’t included in the video. Experts recommend that the text length of the thumbnail is less than 90 characters. 

6. Schedule Your Videos 

Another tip for excellent Facebook video marketing is to schedule your videos. The capability to publish your videos on a scheduled order can offer you more benefits than you can imagine. While having a big team of full-time social media managers is great, scheduling your videos is even more amazing. 

Schedule your videos so that you don’t miss out on showcasing your videos to your consumers at peak hours. This is outstanding for boosting your video views as well as staying consistent with posting your videos. 

7. Stay Engaging and Fun 

Facebook is an entertainment app, and thus, you want to ensure that your content drives engagement. While you don’t have to publish outdated or overrated videos, it is essential that your videos are relevant to certain trending topics on the platform. Make sure to keep a professional as well as informal tone in your videos. 

While some of your videos can be entirely professional, make sure to create much more personal and informal videos, such as a behind-the-scenes video. This is an amazing way to connect much more deeply with your consumers. 

8. Add a Call-to-action 

Lastly, an essential factor of a good Facebook video is a strong call to action. A call-to-action is quintessential in ensuring that your video is able to serve its purpose. It additionally gives you the ability to lure the attention of your consumers. 

It offers multiple benefits, including boosting your website’s traffic and essentially converting leads. Ultimately, a call-to-action works wondrously in helping your brand attain optimal success.

Bottom Line 

Facebook video marketing is an exceptional way for marketers to organically reach their audience. These are some of the most brilliant tips that you can leverage for successful video marketing on Facebook. 

Almost every business can make use of a strong Facebook video marketing strategy for increasing their consumer base and simultaneously boosting sales. Do thorough research to ensure that your video marketing strategy is worth the effort. 

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