How to post reels on Instagram to a story or feed

 How to post reels on Instagram to a story or feed

Step-by-step instructions on how to post reels to instagram from your phone or PC on Android and iPhone.

How to add a video to Instagram: step by step instructions

Video is not a photo; it’s more difficult to work with. At the dawn of the Instagram era, many third-party services provided the ability to upload videos to the social network. The year 2020 “cleaned up” the ranks of volunteers.

Let’s look at the options on how to add videos to Instagram from your computer, as well as reiterate the process of uploading videos to the app from your phone for newcomers.

From a smartphone

The easiest way to upload videos to your Instagram page is to upload directly through the app on your smartphone.

You can add videos to your Instagram feed in the following ways:

Go to the app and tap the icon to create a post

You can add a ready-made video from your phone’s Gallery or take a video directly from the app. The time limit is 60 seconds. After you’ll be prompted to apply a filter or select a cover art

If your video from Gallery is longer than a minute, you will be offered two options before uploading

  • shorten it to the right size by trimming some of it;
  • upload it to IGTV.

If you choose to cut it to a minute, you can do it directly in the application. The video will be published in Lenta. But if the original video part you want to publish is longer than 20 minutes, the program will warn you that the video file is too long.  – Looking to Real likes, followers and views in social networks? Place an order with us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our services!

What to do? Trim it with third-party software.

If you choose the second option – put the video in IGTV, you will be given a time limit of 15 minutes. There will only be a short announcement for it in Lenta. And if you don’t want it, there won’t be one.

You can upload videos to Stories by clicking on your main profile picture.

You can click it both on the Ribbon view page and on the Profile page

Videos are limited to 15 seconds in length, but if necessary you can split one long video into several shorter ones before uploading. You can also shoot here all at once or add from the Gallery. Many different filters, effects and more are available. Real subscribers cheap on the other social media

From a computer

Here, posting a video to Instagram is already more complicated. Just by opening your page in the browser, you can’t put new content into Feed and Stories. The exception is IGTV. As for the rest, in 2021, there are only three ways to upload videos to Instagram from your computer.

Through a delayed posting service

You can add photos and videos to Feed, Stories and IGTV. Yes, the service is paid, but for minimal money you will get the highest pleasure from the process of uploading videos. Suitable for those who post content to Instagram on a regular basis.

Facebook Creator Studio

The official service from Facebook. To link your Instagram account, click on its icon and follow the instructions. To use it, after logging into the service, link your Instagram and Facebook accounts to each other, and you must also have a business or Author account on Instagram.

It’s easy to switch to an Author account.

You can then upload videos to your Feed. But you won’t be able to make a carousel or add videos to Stories through the service. Alas.

 How to post reels on Instagram to a story or feed

Via Emulator

Another way to make a post from your computer is to use an emulator of Android apps. By installing it on your computer, you’ll work with apps on your monitor as if you were sitting in your phone.

Consider BlueStacks.

To upload videos to Instagram, you must first add these videos to the emulator’s library.

Now a moment about the performance of your computer. If you have 4 GB of RAM or less, each process in the emulator will take you from 5 minutes or more; to put it simply – everything will slow down.

Via a browser

If you open your page through any browser on your computer you will be able to publish videos only to the IGTV section.

When working through the browser you will be able to upload a video longer than on the smartphone, namely up to 1 hour.


If you are an ordinary user of the social network and you publish a video from your computer once or twice a year, transfer it to the phone memory and publish it in the usual way. Or use an emulator.

If you regularly post videos to Instagram that are stored and manipulated on your computer, delayed posting services and the official Facebook service are helpful. But keep in mind the limitations: Facebook’s service is fairly new, and Stories, Carousel, and some other things are not available there.

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