How to choose the perfect ream of paper 

How to choose the perfect ream of paper 

Want to choose the perfect stack of copy paper ? Don’t know how to do it ? Follow our instructions on the LoveOffice blog and everything will be much easier: you will buy the perfect stack of paper for your needs, managing to contain costs and waste.

Buying the right stack of paper is not as simple as it might seem, as a result, we often find ourselves printing and writing on paper that is not suitable for our needs. With our tips, you will certainly have less room for error and choosing the perfect stack of paper will be much easier.

In what size do you need to print? can a simple A4 be enough or will an A3 be necessary, or do you want to print directly in A5?

First let’s try to understand what the sheet formats are. Paper size is usually classified according to the ISO 216 standard , which defines the exact paper sizes to fit a certain size, so we will find that:

  • Reams of A4 paper contain the most common sheets, i.e. those that are 210mmX297mm. The famous notebooks, standard photocopy paper and much more are in A4 format. So for common photocopies that do not require particular dimensions, for school photocopies, for transmitting documents, reports, presentations and estimates you can use a stack of A4 paper.
  • The reams of A3 paper contain sheets that are twice the size of the common A4, or 297mmX420mm, these sheets are mainly used for printing projects, technical drawings, mini posters, signage etc. Surveyors, architects, engineers, advertisers and companies who want to print small posters themselves.
  • The reams of A5 paper contain sheets that are half of the common A4 sheets, or 148mmX210mm, these reams of paper are very useful for printing small flyers, menus and everything that needs to be presented in small format.
  • The reams of SRA3 paper contain untrimmed sheets of ISO A3 paper , but increased by 15% of its standard. The SRA3 paper sheet is, therefore, 320mmX450mm.

Alibaba helps you in your choice, in fact by browsing e-commerce, you can choose the ream of paper with the perfect format simply by using the filters in the left column.

The right stack of paper contains sheets of the correct thickness and weight for the type of printing to be performed. The weight, the grammage , shown on the cover of the ream is nothing more than the weight of a sheet of one square meter, while the thickness is expressed in microns, the thickness and the grammage have a different proportion based on the finish of the paper. Let’s analyze the various thicknesses and weights of the reams of paper for sale.

  • 60-100 gr / m 2   is the traditional copier and printer paper , for a presentation of many pages or for a product that does not have to represent the image in short of the company it is correct to use 80/90 g / m paper 2  , if, on the other hand, we want to create a more refined document, it is possible to use 100 gr / m 2  paper , still not a very high weight, but certainly a paper that gives a feeling of greater care in the realization of the presentation or document that we are going to print. .
  • 100-150 gr / m 2 is the slightly thicker and heavier photocopy paper , which gives the document to be presented a feeling of greater care and finishing. The 100-150gr / m 2 paper can also be used in presentations and documents with a large number of pages, but which are not excessive, otherwise it is better to use a paper with a lower weight. Paper over 130 gr / m 2 is usually also used for advertising applications.
  • over 150 gr / m 2 is cardboard and not more paper , paper with a thickness greater than 150 gr / m 2 can be used to print images with high color density so that it does not penetrate. In addition, 150 gr / m 2 paper is used to print internal communications so that the sheet does not deteriorate immediately, or to print brochures, leaflets, business cards etc.

The paper ream usually shows on its cover the finish of the paper inside. The finish can be uncoated or coated, in turn the coating can be of different types. Let’s analyze them better:

  • Hand-use paper , or Natural Paper, is an uncoated paper, that is, it comes with the finishing of the calendering machine, without covering the sheet with a patina. Uncoated paper is the ideal paper for printing mostly textual pages, thanks to its high porosity it is not very suitable for printing images. In fact, uncoated papers are used to print books, instruction manuals etc.
  • Coated paper is a paper on which a layer of patina is applied which defines the opaque, matt, glossy, metallic, pearlescent, satin, silk, etc. a better graphic rendering, for this reason it is indicated in the printing of colored images, in fact in the coated papers the color is not absorbed, but tends to remain on the surface thus giving a better brightness, a sharpness and consequently a better definition to the print.

Each ream of paper for sale has a different environmental impact, there are reams of recycled paper, or reams of paper made with low-polluting methods. Below we analyze the various certifications and eco and bio labels of the cards:

  • Recycled paper , this type of paper is made with specially reworked waste paper to make white or colored sheets suitable for printing. On the ream of recycled paper for sale, you will see the percentage of recycled paper and new paper used to make it. 
  • ECF (free of elemental chlorine), this certification indicates that the cellulose has been bleached without the use of chlorine dioxide, which is considered highly polluting, as it is a dioxin-producing agent.
  • TCF (totally chlorine free), this certification indicates that the paper is produced using bleached cellulose without the use of chlorine in any possible form
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), this certification indicates that the paper is produced with cellulose from forests managed according to strict environmental standards.
  • PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), this certification indicates that the paper is produced with cellulose from the Forest Certification Scheme Assessment Program, which is a certification system for sustainable forest management.
  • Soft colored paper stack , soft pastel colors can be used for printing invoices, bubbles, documents to be recognized immediately inside a binder, recorder or binder. Using colored paper can simplify administration work and speed up filing.
  • Ream colored paper with strong colors, strong and bright colors can be used both for printing invitation cards for children, greeting cards etc, or for the actual realization of handmade works. 
  • Ream of metallic colored paper , ideal for crafts and invitations.
  • The price already indicates the pack of 4.5 or 8 reams of paper, then by entering the number 1 as quantity you will buy 4, 5 or 8 reams at the total price already indicated.
  • The price indicates the cost of the single ream, but the ream cannot be sold individually, this is specified in the title, when you enter the quantity it will accept only 4, 5.8 or multiples thereof.
  • The price indicates the cost of the single ream and the ream can be sold individually, especially for particular reams in size, finish and quality.
  • Choose the right category ! The Paper category includes all types of paper sold on the site, within it you can access the sub-categories colored paper, recycled paper and paper for photocopies and printers. In these subcategories you will find reams of paper. Then just choose the first of these parameters.
  • Arrange by price. If the need is to save you can use the drop-down menu “arrange by” and choose the price, by varying the orientation of the arrow it will be possible to arrange from the cheapest to the most expensive and vice versa.
  • Filter . You can use the filters contained in the left column to choose the format, weight and brand that interest you most and thus narrow your search.
  • Sharpen your sight. Some products have the “promo” stamp above the photograph, they are the products in promotion at that moment.
  • Simplify . If you have no special needs, you can also access the special card , which contains some promotions of the moment.

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