PVC wall coverings: what are they?

The beauty and practicality of PVC wall coverings

We often hear about PVC, a material used and present in many civil and industrial applications, when we shop for example many foods are packaged in PVC containers, or rain boots, or even shopping bags, but the PVC is also widely used in construction for the construction of pvc wall panels and wall coveringsWall coverings made of PVC are beautiful and practical, decorative and functional; this type of coating makes every room original, welcoming and unique, the costs are low and can be applied to the walls without specialized assistance.

Strong scenic impact and elegance

In addition to solving various types of problems that can be defects in the walls, recurring stains or poor lighting in the rooms, PVC wall coverings offer excellent sound insulation and protect the house from humidity; furthermore, the strong scenic impact and elegance acquired by the environments, whether private or public, should not be underestimated; wall coverings offer a wide range of innovative and elegant furnishing ideas, solutions that transform the spaces of the house by combining aesthetics and practicality with taste and quality. The decorative panels made of PVC reproduce in a realistic way the most beautiful and sophisticated graphics of marble, stone, wood, fabric, and metal with a perfect resemblance.

The countless advantages of PVC

The qualities of PVC are really many and put it in a preferential position when you want to carry out a capillary renewal both aesthetic and functional in your home; PVC is a material that is simple to install and easy to maintain; a real excellent mix between the artistic and design aspect of the environments and the technical side of rendering. The merit of the success of this kind of coating is also due to the accurate finishing, each panel is enriched with reliefs, chromatic engravings and grooves that make highly realistic reproductions of many other materials, including fabric and decorative plastic, as well as uniting the artistic value also first quality technical characteristics.

The trendiest solution of the moment

A very versatile furnishing choice as to “refresh” an environment it is possible to apply a panel on a single wall of the room, for a very trendy interior furnishing effect, possibly exploiting the three-dimensional reliefs of the covering to create effects of light and shadows. details. The ease of use makes them suitable for do-it-yourself interventions because the presence of skilled labor is not essential. The panels are applied directly to the relatives, but it is necessary to check that there are no irregular areas, but that the whole wall is well smoothed and straight. For the actual installation it is necessary to distribute the adhesive always supplied on the back of the panels and press them to the wall by applying a good pressure, and that’s it!

Styles and materials

In addition to being elegant and innovative, decorative wall panels allow you to safeguard the environment. Most of the new generation models are in fact made from natural plant fibers, including sugar cane, which give these products a more than appreciable ecological connotation. All you have to do is give your interior a brush to give the color you want and that’s it!

Naturally on the market there are also many other materials: slate, painted wood, PVC, bricks … Some models imitate noble materials so well that it is difficult to distinguish them, but they are much lighter and easier to handle than the latter; for example, gypsum panels are perfect for imitating natural stone or bricks, while MDF plywood is able to reproduce the grain of a beautiful wood: it will be up to you to choose which one suits your home best!

With this type of wall decoration  , any style can be recreated, from the most retro to the most oriental or esoteric. Finally, the 3D wall panel , with its beautiful embossed motifs, decorates the room, giving it a strong personality.

3. What use

An inexpensive 3D wall panel  can really be used anywhere and this is its main advantage! You can cover a portion of the wall up to the ceiling or stop halfway up to create contrast, create a tailor-made headboard for your bed and much more!

The wall panels are also recommended if you are looking for a fine and elegant method to delimit a new space created at home, such as a bar corner, or to give new youth to the kitchen sideboard. And then why not apply a panel also on the outside, perhaps to give a little more value to the surrounding wall or the pillars of the gate?

4. Types of laying

Most modern decorative wall panels glue like tiles. Just prepare the surface, possibly cut out the panel and then sprinkle it with glue and make it adhere firmly to the wall. But be careful, it is always advisable to leave the panel to rest on the ground for 24 hours before installation.

There are also models that have a side already pre-glued as if they were wall stickers. However, to prevent possible inconveniences, it is advisable to opt for this type of products only with light materials and small surfaces.

5. How much does a decorative 3D wall panel cost?

While it’s possible to find cheap 3D wall panels , don’t trust the cheaper models, which often have a poor and uncared-for appearance. For a good quality panel, the cost is roughly at least € 40 per m², but the most elegant and sophisticated models can also cost between € 70 and € 100 per square meter.

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