4 important business trends in the second quarter of the year

4 important business trends in the second quarter of the year

Streaming influencers

4-5 years ago, Instagram influencers were the most reputable and businesses were flowing money towards them to promote products. Amazon bought Twitch (streaming platform) and changed the ecosystem of the streaming space fully. Twitch was the gaming stream platform but transformed into the big streaming industry itself. Now, you’ll see that every industry has big streamers on Twitch and they have thousands of live viewers. You can start the same journey and get Twitch live viewers. Streaming influencers are getting big product/brand deals and they tend to promote products during the stream.

Sales process at an ease for food delivery systems

Refusal of commissions Catering service providers are abolishing restaurant fees Trend. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, new and existing businesses are providing services to restaurants without a fee to help a difficult area. In this way, they will be able to offer delivery services and sell takeaway meals without overpaying for third-party applications. Insight. One of the many consequences of the ongoing pandemic is that small businesses are struggling to adapt to declining customer numbers.

Third-party companies that can make the sales process easier and more profitable are likely to gain more loyal customers, which will attract those who prefer local and ethical shopping. Food delivery without commission.

Spread – a startup for food delivery without commission. Partnership with restaurants. ChowNow is a food delivery solution that expands its reach. Food delivery without commission. Doordash has reduced or abolished commissions for restaurants. Takeaway food delivery programs without commission . Spread sends promo codes via text messages.

Adventurous travel campaigns

Beginners in the field of travel Adventure tourism brands offer slower travel for beginners with a new wave of travelers Trend. During the COVID-19 vacation, North Americans prefer outdoor trips. Many consumers do not have experience in such activities as hiking, climbing or kayaking, and want to learn. Adventure brands offer slower travel to meet the new influx of travelers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry has undergone radical changes.

Restrictions on travel have given many consumers time to think about what they want to try in life, and many of them prefer to relax in nature. As the concept of “well-being” takes on a new meaning in the COVID-19 era, the priorities of many consumers have changed and they are now seeking to disconnect from the network and reunite with the natural world.

Shopping malls at the different level

Support in shopping malls Brands make it easier to support businesses located in shopping malls Trend. COVID-19 has made it largely impossible to look for and buy things in shopping malls. This has prompted moths to develop solutions that help consumers buy from local sellers. These include food court ordering platforms and other shopping mall programs. Insight.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the economy, and many businesses are struggling to survive with restrictions on offline shopping. Numerous social media campaigns are urging consumers to prefer local businesses – from local designers and businesses to large and small national brands – to help boost the economy. Consumers seek to avoid giant, multinational retail companies and recognize the need to support local businesses.

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