Why Violin Is Better Than Piano In 2022

Why Violin Is Better Than Piano In 2022

Musical instruments are beautiful. They produce sounds that soothe the soul and calm the mind. There are different types of musical instruments; while some are easy to learn and play, others aren’t.

When it comes to musical instruments, some of the most played instruments in the world include the violin and piano. While one belongs to the stringed instruments category, the other belongs to the keyboard instrument category.

Do you want to learn how to play the violin but at the same time, you are thinking of learning to play the piano? Then you should know that perfecting the art of playing any instrument takes time, patience, and persistence. This simply means that it’ll be difficult to learn and master both instruments. Hence, you’ll have to pick one and become better at it before moving on to another musical instrument.

If you don’t know which lessons to take or start with between the 小提琴課程 and the piano lessons—in this guide, you’ll find reasons why learning to play the violin in 2022 is better than the piano.

Violins are less expensive

In order to learn any musical instrument and be good at it, you’ll have to purchase or own the instrument. Learning to play the piano is great but the cost of purchasing one upright piano ranges anywhere from $3000 – $5000. It doesn’t end there; if you are someone who loves quality, then purchasing higher quality uprights can cost you up to $10,000 while the grand piano (which is the best for Advanced players) cost around $15,000—and that’s the price for a low-end model.

Unlike the pianos, the violins have a much lower entry point. This makes a violin more attractive for people who want to learn a musical instrument. Just like the pianos, the violins are produced for different experience levels—student violins might have or come with limited features while the professional models come with all the features (including the whistles and bells).

As for the price, you can get a student violin for as low as $100. However, the student violins aren’t that great. If you want something good as a beginner, then the European violin is a great fit and it costs anywhere between $650 – $850. Step-up instruments fall in the range of $1000 – $3500 and finally, professional instruments generally start from $5000.

Violins are more portable

The cost of a piano is the only problem a person who wants to learn how to play the piano will face; there’s also the issue of portability. Because pianos are so large, it becomes difficult to carry them from one location to another. This means that, if you are forced to travel, you won’t be able to practice your piano until you return. This is a disadvantage for a developing student, because it’s important to always have access to your instrument—when you can access your instrument when you need to, it stunts your growth.

Violins on the other hand are blessed in the area of portability. Due to their small size (i.e., when compared to a piano), violins can be packed up in a car, brought aboard a plane, or even taken for a walk in a local park. This is a great advantage because learners will be able to have access to their violin regardless of the location.

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