Big trends coming to change our lives

Big trends coming to change our lives

There are big trends coming to change our lives. Today, we will go through the important trends that will influence our future decisions.

Organic traffic is getting more important

As social media networks try to keep all the traffic inside apps, then you should focus on organic traffic. The market share of Google is growing again and that’s why it’s so important. You can buy website traffic and test your product/service whether it goes well. After a test campaign, go all in with optimization for organic traffic.

What professions are most likely to be mastered by the neural network?

An important trend of the last decade is robotics. Technology is increasingly helping us to cope with both household chores and integrated into some professional processes. It is expected that robots will be increasingly involved in dangerous occupations to protect people from emergencies. 2020 has shown that robotics and technology in medicine will also be actively developed. Already in many countries around the world, instead of the usual hospital admission, initial consultations are held by phone or video link.

Thanks to technology, the doctor can listen and examine the patient online and make a preliminary diagnosis. This not only saves time, but also allows you to consult with the world’s best professionals without being tied to location. If we talk about more sophisticated technologies than an online call with a family doctor, such ideas have been tested for many years. It is difficult to say when to expect mass implementation, but point experiments in developed countries are already underway, and the further, the more. Another factor why technologies will be increasingly integrated into the field of medicine is the huge amount of knowledge that is growing every day.


Although the merit of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) in promoting the metaworld was probably greater, Roblox (RBLX) is considered by analysts to be the best choice in this area. The company has dedicated 17 years to providing users with a so-called immersive experience – technology with the effect of presence – which can be considered a metaverse. The company claims that half of American children are users of the platform, and the developer community of 10 million people has created more than 24 million programs.

Cloud computing

Analysts consider Amazon (a ticker in the AMZN stock market) to be the best choice in this segment. The company is one of the leaders in cloud technology, and the quarterly revenue of its business service Amazon Web Services exceeded $16 billion. Amazon’s stock price lagged far behind the S&P 500 SPX index, rising only 5% year on year.

However, given that investment in corporate clouds will not slow down in 2022 and that AWS is a very profitable business of Amazon, 2022 promises good results for the company’s shareholders. Experts also advise to monitor Oracle shares (ORCL). The corporation showed significant growth over the year, culminating in a $28 billion deal to acquire Cerner, a software maker that helps physicians access and analyze medical records.

In 2021, Oracle seriously developed its cloud service – the business already exceeds $10 billion a year. Combined with high stock market performance (stocks rose nearly 40%) and the ability to maintain stability in volatile markets, Oracle appears to be aiming for further growth in 2022.

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