YLC-King: Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Electronic Manufacturing Services


YLC-King is a renowned electronics contractor based in Shenzhen, China. With a vision to be a top company in the industry, YLC-King provides a wide range of one-stop electronic manufacturing services, catering to customers worldwide. From product design and development to PCB manufacturing and assembly, YLC-King delivers high-quality solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Concept to Finished Products: End-to-End Electronic Manufacturing

YLC-King understand the importance of a seamless manufacturing process. They offer offer comprehensive services that cover every stage, from concept to finished products. YLC-King’s experienced team supports customers in product design and development, providing ODM/OEM services tailored to their specific requirements. With a dedicated research and development center, YLC-King transforms ideas into market-ready electronic products.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment for Complex PCBs

YLC-King boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing center equipped with advanced electronics manufacturing and assembly equipment. Their capabilities span from handling the simplest electronic components to complex PCBs. This allows YLC-King to meet the diverse needs of their customers, delivering quality results with precision and efficiency.

Rapid Response and Delivery for Time-Sensitive Projects

YLC-King prioritizes prompt communication and delivery to meet tight deadlines. YLC-King ensures rapid response times for customer inquiries and requests. Their efficient processes and optimized supply chain enable YLC-King to deliver goods as soon as possible, providing peace of mind to their valued clients.


YLC-King stands as a reliable, one-stop solution for electronic manufacturing services. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, advanced manufacturing equipment, and a dedicated team, YLC-King is well-positioned to turn concepts into finished products. Trust YLC-King to be your trusted partner in bringing your innovative electronic ideas to life.

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