The Next Level of Retail Innovation: Hanshow’s Lumina E-Price Tag

As the retail industry continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing consumer market, technology plays a crucial role in driving sales and improving the overall shopping experience. One company that is leading the way in this digital transformation is Hanshow, with their revolutionary electronic shelf label, Lumina. Unlike traditional ESLs, this e-price tag boasts a dynamic LCD screen that brings retail settings to life and provides endless marketing and pricing possibilities.

Vivid Displays That Capture Attention

At the heart of Lumina lies its vibrant LCD display, which sets it apart from the ePaper displays used in traditional ESLs. This advanced technology allows retailers to showcase their products in a whole new way and grab the attention of customers. With Lumina, retailers can say goodbye to dull and static pricing displays and welcome a new era of vivid and captivating visuals.

Powered for Endless Possibilities

One of the biggest pain points for retailers with traditional ESLs is the constant need to replace batteries. But with Lumina’s electric-powered display, this is no longer an issue. This innovative feature not only saves time and resources but also opens up a world of possibilities for retailers. From displaying dynamic pricing to promoting special offers and showcasing new products, Lumina’s electric-powered display makes it all possible.


In the fast-paced world of retail, technology is the driving force behind success. And Hanshow’s e-price tag is a game-changer in its own right. With its vivid displays, electric-powered technology, and marketing capabilities, Lumina is not just an electronic shelf label, but a game-changing innovation that is revolutionizing the retail industry. So, if you want to take your retail business to the next level, it’s time to switch to Hanshow’s Lumina.

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