What Is Bird Food?

If you are looking for the best bird food online without compromising quality, you have come to the right place. At talis-us, we have an exclusive collection of bird food by the most well-known bird feed companies. Our premium quality bird food is nutritionally well balanced with essential minerals and multivitamins. If you love to offer bird food to backyard birds, there are different types of bird foods available for this purpose at our online store. If you don’t have any knowledge about bird seeds, you don’t need to worry because this article will thoroughly explain the different types of bird seeds and their purpose.

What are the Popular Bird Foods?

Different birds have different bird feed requirements according to their shape and nutritional needs. However, here are some of the most popular bird foods available.

Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds are the most excellent choice when it comes to backyard birds. We have a huge variety of sunflower seeds at our online store from trusted brands such as Volkman Seed Company and many others. Remember, sunflower seeds are best for smaller birds because they are easy to eat. These seeds are preferred by birds such as doves, goldfinches, jays, cardinals, etc.

Nyjer Seeds: 

Nyjer seeds are mostly preferred by American goldfinches, purple finches, house finches, and many other types of birds. At talis-us, we have a huge variety of premium-grade sterilized nyjer seeds available to prevent germination. We have the most famous brands for nyjer seeds, including Wild Delight, More Birds, and Volkman Seed Company.


If you are looking for some birdseed mixes, millet will be the most nutritious option to consider for birds. Due to the high content of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, and magnesium, it’s one of the healthiest bird seed options. Moreover, millet bird seed is also great for digestion and helps ease stress, especially during the breeding season. We have the premium grade millet bird seed available from a well-known company known as Sunseed.

Safflower Seed: 

Safflower seeds are another nutritious feed option for birds due to their mineral and vitamin-rich content. If you are looking for the best bird seed for yard feeders, safflower seeds will be perfect as squirrels do not favor its taste. Safflower seeds are mostly preferred by cardinals, jays, grosbeaks, house finches, and several other birds.

Cracked Corn:

Cracked corn is widely used in bird seed mixes because it’s inexpensive compared to other bird feeds. Cracked corn is usually preferred by sparrows, grouse, quail, doves, blackbirds, etc. At talis-us, you will find a variety of cracked corn from reputable brands such as Volkman Seed Company. Cracked corn’s fiber and energy-rich content make it a suitable choice for backyard birds.

Things to Consider While Choosing Bird Food

Generally, birds are not picky about their food. However, you should choose the best option to provide them with better nutrition. Here are the following critical things that you must consider before choosing bird food.

Freshness: Make sure that the bird seed you are going to choose is fresh and clean. Also, don’t forget to check the seed for mold, insects, and mildew signs.

Quantity: Always choose the most appropriate quantity for the birds that you can practically feed to the birds. In excess, buying bird feed is not recommended as the seeds can easily get spoiled.

Packaging: Packaging also plays a critical role in the quality of any bird feed. Ensure that the bird food is packed in sturdy plastic or paper bags with carrying handles.

Ingredients: Never forget to check the entire list of ingredients before buying any bird seed package. Ensure that there are no toxic ingredients for birds used in the feed and also make sure that the seeds are not treated with pesticides or insecticides.

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