Display Details Of Huwaei  P50 Pro

The display of any smartphone plays an important part to make it famous around the world. Huawei p50 pro also had the best display with lots of modifications. and it is ranked high in the category of best display smartphones.

Display criteria are fulfilled by Huawei smartphones and the p50 pro makes it easier. If you want to know more about Huawei p50 pro go through this link and get all the information related to its all parts.

In this article, we are going to discuss the display details of the Huawei p50 pro. You are going to be stunned after knowing all the best functioning details of the display of the Huawei p50 pro. Let’s check out its details. 

Key Specifications Of Display Of Huawei p50 Pro

  • It has an OLED screen for the best view.
  • Its screen size is almost 6.6 inches 
  • Its screen-to-body ratio is almost 91.3%
  • Its overall dimension is almost 158.8 x 72.8 x8.5 mm
  • It’s resolution measurement is almost 2700 x 1228 pixels 
  • The aspect ratio of its display is almost 19.8:9 or 450 PPI
  • The first rate is up to 120 Hz
  • The touch sampling rate is almost 300 Hz and more.


Huawei p50 pro gives the proper level of brightness accordingly.it has very compatible conditions indoor or outdoor b.but the thing that lacks in the direct sunlight it is a bit difficult to read. Although it has the best ambient light you do not require maximum display brightness. 

The adaption of brightness according to the environment is quick and smooth. It has the best uniformity of brightness level. The blue light filter of p50 pro does not affect the contrast of the screen. Yellow light contrast is also noticeable.

Color Reproduction

Let’s move towards the color frequency of its display.it has standard sRGB color space. It had different frequencies for different color ranges. But over the color fidelity of Huawei is good. The color visibility is noticed easily by the angle of 45.

Color consumption for video is also best because  Huawei creates significant improvement in the predecessor with 61 points. These points make it brighter for the best color rendering for your video.

Smooth In Touch

Not only in view Huawei p50 pro give you the best touching experience also. The corners and edges of this smartphone are easy to use and this smartphone is acceptable to play video games smoothly. You can do web browsing and many more.


This smartphone had the best frequency of 1448Hz that is visible to the human eye with its visible control of flicker. Its judge is slightly visible at 24fps. This is overall the best frequency range for any smartphone.

Things That Lack

Although all the display functionality is perfect there are some features that lack in the Huawei p50 pro display:

  • It’s default brightness is too low for the outdoor environment
  • The dark tones lack the details when watching the video of HDR10.
  • Frame mat also drops sometimes when you start a video.


Overall the result ts of the Huawei p50 pro display is the best and all the display features are well balanced with a few weak points. But it is good for normal usage. we recommend you to buy this smartphone if you want the best display appearance.

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