What Are Some of the Health Benefits of These Smoothies

What Are Some of the Health Benefits of These Smoothies

In addition to being amazingly easy to prepare, smoothies also have enormous health benefits. When making a raw smoothie, you break up the surface area of some of the vegetables and fruits. This helps your body to more easily assimilate some of the nutrients.

That’s an extreme health benefit. Smoothies can improve skin tone and energy levels. They can give you a powerpacked punch of nutrients that will help any sort of system function better. That’s really the power of these concoctions.

Occasionally, someone will raise concerns to me about whether the use of a high-speed blender will reduce the nutritional value of the ingredients. They’re concerned that the blender blade’s friction and generated heat might negatively affect the nutrients by cooking them or destroying enzymes. Personally, I don’t see this as an issue to worry about at all. All of the leading experts listed in this book have had amazing results from these smoothies over many years.

How Can Someone Navigate Through This Book?

The fruits and the greens are pretty much self explanatory. If you want some energy in the morning or throughout the day, then you’re going to go toward the fruit side. If you want to alkalinize your body and you want to ground yourself a little bit more, then you’ll gravitate toward the green side. When we say fruit and greens, we don’t mean that the fruit recipes have only fruit and the greens recipes have only greens. We’ve categorized recipes into the fruits and greens sections when the primary ingredients are fruits- or greens-based. So, there is still some fruit in some of the greens recipes, and there are still greens in some of the fruit recipes.

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How Are Smoothies a Great Way to Transition into a Healthier Lifestyle?

That’s pretty telling. I think smoothies are one of the best ways to transition into raw, to transition into vegan, or transition into anything, really. Those words that label a specific type of diet don’t really mean anything. You don’t need to label what your diet is. Smoothies are just a great way to transition into a healthier lifestyle. And, the habit of making a smoothie is so easy. All you have to do is get all the ingredients, throw them into a Vita-Mix, and blend. I think the most time I’ve ever spent making a smoothie was probably about five minutes. (That was because I had to peel something; with many of these recipes, you won’t need to peel anything!)

What Kind of Equipment Do You Recommend?

I like to use a Vita-Mix® blender because I’ve been through literally six or seven blenders (including a friend’s hand-blender that I broke while visiting them in Argentina), and the Vita-Mix is the only one that hasn’t broken. It’s expensive, but if I had bought a Vita-Mix for my first smoothie, I wouldn’t have wasted more than $700 on the others.

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