Unleashing the Brilliance of Light Sky’s Mini Lunar LED Stage Lighting

Light Sky presents the Mini Lunar, a cutting-edge mini-beam LED stage lighting solution that brings vibrant color effects and versatility to various scenes. Committed to providing high-quality stage lighting solutions, Light Sky’s expert team ensures exceptional performance and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the outstanding features of the Mini Lunar and discover why it’s the perfect choice for captivating stage lighting.

  1. Long-Life Lamp

Equipped with the USHIO NSL 301 long-life lamp, the Mini Lunar offers an average lifespan of 2000 hours. This ensures extended usage and reliable performance, minimizing the need for frequent lamp replacements.

  1. Powerful Beam

With an impressive beam range of 375,000 Lux at 10 meters, the Mini Lunar delivers a strong visual impact. Its high-intensity output illuminates the stage with stunning brightness, captivating the audience’s attention.

  1. Prism Combinations

Featuring an 8-facet prism, 24-face prism, and prism combination, the Mini Lunar allows for creative light manipulation. These versatile prism options offer dynamic effects, enhancing the visual appeal of your stage performance.

Illuminating Excellence: The Mini Lunar’s Remarkable Specifications Unleashed

The Mini Lunar showcases exceptional specifications that contribute to its outstanding performance. It operates on a voltage range of AC100-240V 50/60Hz, consuming 400W of power with a power factor (PF) of 0.987. Powered by the USHIO NSL 301 light source with a power rating of 300W, it offers an average lifespan of 2000 hours and delivers a total lumen output of 19000 lm at a color temperature of 7300 K. The Mini Lunar incorporates an electronic ballast for efficient operation. In terms of control, it features a pan/tilt range of 540°/270° with resolutions of 2.11°/1.05°, and speeds of 2.7S/1.6S. It utilizes the DMX512 and RDM control protocols, with channel modes available in 14CH, 16CH, and 16 PLUS. The Mini Lunar’s appearance parameters include a housing made of engineering plastic PA66, a foldable light hook for convenient hanging, an IP20 rating for protection against solid objects, and dimensions of 335x210x477mm. With a net weight of 15.4Kg per unit, the Mini Lunar combines robust specifications with a sleek design.


Light Sky’s Mini Lunar LED stage lighting fixtures combine remarkable features and exceptional performance. With its long-life lamp, powerful beam, prism combinations, vibrant colors, and precise positioning, the Mini Lunar unlocks a world of creative possibilities for stage lighting designers. Trust Light Sky to provide top-quality products that transform your performances into breathtaking visual experiences.

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