Things to Consider When Buying LED Lights for Hens

Things to Consider When Buying LED Lights for Hens

It is essential to set up LED lights for your poultry. Let’s see the things to consider when buying LED lights for laying hens in this blog.

Things to consider when buying LED lights for hens

First, decide what kind of light you want. There are three main types of LED lights: warm white, cool white, and blue/violet. Warm-white LEDs produce a softer light that is good for cockerels and hens in the early stages of laying eggs. Cool-white LEDs produce a lighter, whiter light that is better for late-stage or egg-laying hens. Blue/violet LEDs produce a dark blue or violet light that is good for preventing roosters from crowing during the night.

Second, think about how many lights you need. You’ll need at least one per hen and usually two or three more as a backup in case one breaks or goes out. Make sure to buy enough extension cords to reach all the lights without having to move them around.

Third, consider how bright the lights should be. Most LED lights come with adjustable brightnesses so you can find the perfect level for your hens. Be careful not to overlight them though; too much light can cause stress and even bulb burnout.

Why should you use LEDs?

There are many reasons to use LEDs in your laying hens. LED lights are energy efficient, providing hours of light without the need for cords or batteries. They also produce a consistent light that is safe for your hens and does not cause “light pollution”.

LEDs emit a cool white light that is perfect for laying hens. Cool white LEDs emit less blue light than warm white LEDs, which can help keep your hens healthy. Additionally, cool white LEDs do not damage eggs or feathers like warm white LEDs. Finally, LED lights are more affordable than incandescent or halogen lights and last longer too!


When it comes to keeping your laying hens safe and secure, there’s nothing more important than having the right lighting. Many people choose to use LED lights from Hontech Wins in their poultry pens because they’re affordable and provide a long lifespan for the bulbs.

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