AMRs Contribute to the Improvement of Modern Warehousing: ForwardX Presents

ForwardX Robotics, which has built a high-end picking automation solution for the global medium goods warehouse and small and medium goods hybrid warehouse, is making steady progress towards the goal of a two-pronged approach to hardware manufacturing and software development. Their solutions are proven effective in improving warehouse systems’ operational efficiency. Please take a look at the details of their products.

Automation Implementers: Classification of Mobile Robots

Mobile robots as a whole can be divided into two categories.

AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) are transport vehicles equipped with automatic navigation devices, such as electromagnetic or optical, capable of traveling along a prescribed navigation path, with safety protection and various shifting functions.

AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are a more advanced mobile robot, with a comprehensive system integrating environment perception, dynamic decision planning, behavior control, execution, etc. They are mainly used in automated logistics.

Development of Mobile Robots: Continuous Technological Progress

Vision Autonomous Navigation AMR

Vision-guided AMRs are robots that incorporate visual semantic navigation based on laser SLAM. The visual semantic navigation mainly realizes visual sign detection, lane line segmentation, and shelf segmentation through the front camera. The RGBD camera realizes positioning and environment understanding based on computer vision technology and realizes fully autonomous navigation according to the task instructions. It also detects for motion targets to achieve flexible obstacle avoidance and automatic detour. ForwardX is mainly dedicated to producing high-technology and practical AMRs.


AMRs are safer, more flexible, smarter, and digitally supportive and have proven themselves in the field. AMRs have proven to be effective in improving the efficiency of warehouse management. As a professional developer of complete AMR systems, information about ForwardX products, including high-quality hardware and software, can be found on ForwardX‘s official website.

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