Super Scope Plus: Unleashing Maverick Stage Illumination

Light Sky introduces the spot moving head light-Super Scope Plus, an innovative moving head light that redefines stage illumination. With its advanced optical lens, versatile features, exceptional projection abilities, and dedicated customer support, this beam spot wash fixture is the perfect choice for high-end performance venues like theaters, TV stations, and concerts.

Multi-Function Brilliance

The spot moving head light-Super Scope Plus series offers a 4-in-1 moving head spotlight that combines the functions of a beam, spot, and wash light. This versatile luminaire provides lighting designers with unparalleled flexibility, allowing them to create dynamic and captivating visual experiences tailored to the performance at hand. Whether it’s a theater production, a live concert, or a televised event, the Super Scope Plus delivers brilliant illumination that sets the stage on fire.

Endless Creative Possibilities

Equipped with a cutting-edge Gobo module consisting of two rotating Gobo wheels, the Super Scope Plus offers a wide range of pattern styles. Each pattern exhibits high clarity and color consistency from the center to the edge, creating mesmerizing effects and adding depth to the visual composition. The cutting module’s ability to rotate ±55° ensures distortion-free and clear cutting images, empowering lighting designers to unleash their creativity and craft unforgettable stage moments.

Immersive Visual Effects

Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus is packed with features that elevate the visual experience to new heights. The luminaire includes a dynamic animation wheel, producing flame-like effects that add drama and intensity to performances. Additionally, the rotation gobo wheel features interchangeable gobos, allowing for endless variations and customized projections. The multi-faceted prism system, with its bidirectional rotation and multiple facets, creates mesmerizing light refractions that mesmerize the audience and add a touch of magic to any show.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus moving head spotlight is a game-changer in stage illumination, combining exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability. With its multi-function capabilities, high-precision optics, immersive visual effects, and robust construction, this luminaire empowers lighting designers to create awe-inspiring performances that leave a lasting impression. From theaters and TV stations to large-scale concerts, the Super Scope Plus elevates stage lighting to new heights, delivering an unforgettable visual experience for audiences worldwide.

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