Popular ways to serve Ikura 

After Sushi Now Ikura is getting popular because of its taste and nutritional factor. The Ikura is now the favorite food item of many non-Japanese cultured people. previously Ikura was first served in Japanese cuisine.

But it’s the era of social media people are getting more open in every aspect now the new generation loves to try new music, food, and clothing style.

Japan is not only favored for its cultural values, high-tech innovative equipment, cherry blossoms trees, and its Japanese street style wear instead, now Japan is also famous for its mouth-watering ramen, sushi, and quality Ikura.

The orange crystal clear Ikura is now also admired by many people and different renowned chefs and food experts are trying easy Ikura recipes’ because Ikura is in demand because of its taste and nutritional benefits.

If you are the one who is also inspired by the taste of Ikura and wants to know more ways to pair it with other food items then this piece of reading is purposely written for you.

Yes! I have aligned up some of the tasty and popular ways to serve Ikura. Through this you can have Ikura paired with different tasty foods so, why waste time let’s dive into the list.

Ikura Nigiri

It is the best serving pair of the Ikura. You have to serve Salmon roe egg sushi over vinegar rice. It gives you a salty taste and makes you leak all the plates at the end.

Ikura Sushi

Japanese rolls have huge fans based around the world. It is mostly served in many big Japanese or other cuisine restaurants. It can be also paired with the Ikura, you can serve it along with the veg, rice, and wrapped in seaweed. This serving will give you a delightful taste and you will enjoy the salmon egg roe the most.

Ikura rice bowls 

It is called Ikuradon in Japanese. All you have to do is marinate your Ikura with the soya sauce and served it with the vinegar rice. You will enjoy each bite. its salty and saury bites will fulfill all the cravings for your salt and spice.

Ikura Pasta

If you are a pasta lover then you can also pair it with the freshly seasoned pasta. Now it’s up to you whether you want to cook Italian pasta or Japanese style pasta simply, topped it with marinated salmon Ikura.

Baked Japanese style egg custard (Chawanushi)

If you are a sweet tooth person then you can also pair it with the Japanese egg custard and topped it with Ikura. It’s the best pairing if you want to serve it as a dessert after dinner.

Cracker Ikura

You can also serve Ikura dipped with soya sauce along with the crackers as an appetizer. It also tastes yummy and crispy.

Roasted potatoes Ikura

It’s the simplest and quickest serving you can serve the roasted or baked potatoes with the Ikura. It gives the tender and juicier taste that you surely enjoy a lot.

Final thoughts

I guess it doesn’t matter which food items you are going to serve the Ikura. If Ikura is fresh then its taste will be divine so, always buy fresh Ikura.

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