How to invest in futures and options trading

How to invest in futures and options trading

The emergence of the online market has boosted the field of the share market. Now people can easily trade at their leisure. Earlier, people didn’t understand the different avenues of share and stock marketing. They only understood the broader terms share market and the stock market. Now with everything being on the internet, the whole world is being exposed to different kinds of share and stock trading. In recent years two new types of trading are, getting immense popularity namely options and futures trading.

What is options trading?

Options are derivative contracts that give the buyer the right to buy ‘n’ a number of financial assets such as stocks and indices. It’s a trade that includes minimal risks and the chances of getting a high number of profits. Each contract of this financial tool has an expiration date for buying or selling financial assets. There are two types of trading in options call and put. Call and put paves the way for even more strategies such as hedging, income, or speculation. Both hedging and speculation are possible in this trading. There are many opportunities for high-margin profits in this trade, but one shouldn’t undermine the risks of losses.

What is futures trading?

Futures are also like options but, they are a little different than them. Futures is also a derivative trading contract that enables the trader to buy or sell a specific financial asset at a price that is already determined, and the price cannot be changed despite the inflation and deflation of it in the current market. The assets in futures include financial instruments and physical commodities. Futures are used in trade speculation and hedging. If you are in a loss in underlying assets right now, then that can be mitigated in the future investment for your future.

Tips to trade in options and futures:

  1. i) Stick to your rules: The important step in any kind of trading is sticking to the basic rules. Once you are in the field of trading that means you have properly done background research and you have created your style of trading. Don’t listen too much to the noise outside, just follow your style of trading and carefully play your cards.
  2. ii) Trade with logic not emotions:

Another important thing, to keep in mind while trading is to trade with your absolute logic. Don’t get over-excited, or don’t be underwhelmed after each profit and loss. Be content while trading, and don’t let these emotions overtake the logic of your business mind.

iii) Use hedges and speculations carefully:

It is really, important to know the dynamics of hedges and speculations. You should always know when to use hedges and when to use speculations. These two elements are important in both options as well as futures trading.


Trading is not that tough it depends on how you strategize your assets and investments and choosing a Demat or broker account plays an important role as well. The right strategy and the right account with 5paisa are the keys to success in successful trading.

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