Herbs to boost libido

Herbs to boost libido

There are herbs that might impact the process of male erection, stimulate desire, and combat impotence that you might want to try out even though erectile pills like Kamagra have been proved effective to combat impotence with little to no side effects.

Herbal medicine to increase your libido

if once it was women who frequented them for many reasons, today many men are approaching medicinal plants and herbs to intervene on male sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, known in popular parlance as impotence, is the inability to get, or maintain, an erection long enough to have full intercourse with your partner. In the adult male, erectile dysfunction, impotence, can be due to physical, psychological causes, illnesses, side effects due to drugs, alcohol or drugs. Impotence increases with age, but it can also be present at a young age, in which case the cause could be due to drug abuse or if you come into contact with toxic substances or radiation. When it is not a physiological or irreversible problem, in many cases the use of specific herbal products for erection, based on plant extracts can help to regain lost vigor. Feel free to visit to know more about – whealthtips

Herbal medicine and erection: aphrodisiac plants for impotence

Maca of the Andes: A normal erection occurs when all the blood vessels in the penis are full. This happens in response to an external sexual stimulus. Certain substances in the brain send out a signal for the blood vessels in the penis to fill. In this way, the penis starts to thicken and stiffen. Most of the erection pills have the function of simulating this process allowing the patient to achieve an erection in an artificial way. Maca, on the other hand, works naturally, strengthens the body and restores the balance and functionality of the hormonal system. We can therefore rightly say that Maca improves erection in a natural way. It is known as Peruvian viagra because it stimulates an increase in seminal volume, boosts the quantity of sperm per ejaculation, and enhances sperm motility, as well as the fact that it is a main component in aphrodisiac diets.

Damiana: The plant’s active compounds operate similarly to testosterone and can stimulate the genital organs, especially the center of erection, which is situated at the level of the sacral pelvic parasympathetic nervous system. This enhances blood flow and nerve sensitivity in the penis. Damiana makes sure that an erection is constant and lasts a long time by enhancing blood flow in the genital region.

Serenoa: Native Americans from before Columbus used the berries to cure a variety of urological disorders, prostate inflammation, erectile dysfunction, and testicular atrophy. There are certain possible side effects of la serenoa, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Already at the end of the last century, the extract was listed in the official overseas pharmacopoeia. However, the efficacy in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia has only recently been confirmed by a review of controlled clinical studies on approximately 3,000 patients. The mechanism of action is poorly understood: perhaps it depends on the combination of an antagonistic effect on sex hormones, an anti-inflammatory action and an alteration in cholesterol metabolism.

Sexual dysfunctions: dealing with it with natural remedies

Herbal medicine to promote erection requires the aid of aromatherapy: essential oils are also very effective, especially when erectile dysfunction depends on psychological or nervous factors.

Pine essential oil: it is linked to the male universe, it helps those who have difficulty getting in touch with their virility and expressing it. This oil has a stimulating effect, useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, frigidity, and in case of low libido.

Ginger essential oil: it has a rubefacient action (that is, it determines the recall of blood in the most superficial layers of the skin, warming the area and relieving inflammation in the underlying layers thanks to the subtraction of blood). The essential oil of ginger gives heat to the body and helps to wake up and warm the dormant senses.

Sandalwood essential oil: acts by balancing sexuality with the spirit, promoting the integration of the sacred with the profane: for this reason it is used in tantra yoga schools to transform sexual energies into spiritual energies. It is therefore not a direct aphrodisiac, as his action is mainly of a meditative type and turned towards the interiority: it is rather aimed at subjects who live the sexual argument superficially. He transforms sexual energy by elevating it to the spiritual plane. He reduces aggression and violent instincts, releases exasperation, and releases blocked sexual energy.

Severe stages of erectile dysfunction

Patients suffering experiencing more severe stages of erectile dysfunction should be looking for medicine for erectile dysfunction. We all have heard of popular blue pill called Viagra. Since its discovery in late 90ies many new more effective products have entered the market. One of the most popular generic Viagra is Kamagra, erection enhancer produced by Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta. With the same active compound Sildenafil Citrate, Kamagra promises even better results than Viagra. With little or no side effects, longer active treatment time, and significantly lower price, Kamagra has easily become more demanding than Viagra.

The price of Kamagra starts from 15 Eur for one pack. You can easily order Kamagra online from any reputable online pharmacy.

In conclusion:
Sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is the problem that require attention and appropriate approach. Nearly half of the population over 40ies is experiencing from some forms of sexual dysfunction. It’s crucial to determine the stage of this dysfunction and to choose the most suitable solution. Many people choose to go naturally first, but some more sever stages simply require medical solution in a form of sexual enhancers explicitly designed to treat various forms of sexual dysfunction.

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