Overview of Health Insurance Plans in India

Overview of Health Insurance Plans in India

Health insurance has become essential given the escalating expense of healthcare services and the prevalence of lifestyle-associated illnesses in recent times. A health insurance’s sole purpose is to ensure that you get the best medical facilities during an unexpected medical situation, and it reduces your worry about paying medical bills.

But choosing a healthcare policy can take time. How will you know which one is for you? Or which health insurance is best in India? This article will give you insight into the various insurance plans in India.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance offers financial assistance in case of a medical emergency, and its primary concern is to arrange for financial support if you need medical attention. It also provides post-medical healthcare facilities, and they protect you against any medical expense brought on by hospitalisation expenditures.

Moreover, the insurance company will ensure that you are qualified for paperless hospitalisation in case of illnesses or accidents and reimburse your healthcare costs. Moreover, If you buy health insurance, you can get the following benefits:

  • It facilitates cashless procedures and allows you to avail yourself of the cumulative bonus.
  • It offers protection against all healthcare costs.
  • You can get free health checkups under their health insurance plans.
  • A family health insurance policy covers all your family members under a single program.
  • Premiums for health coverage may also be tax-deductible under Section 80D of the ITA (Income Tax Act) 1961.

Best 5 Types Of Health Insurance Plans In India

There are several insurance plans. Some of the most famous healthcare policies are as follows:

1. Family Health Insurance Plans

A family healthcare plan covers all family members under one policy, and the total issue under the program is shared among the family members. Under this plan, only one person has to pay the premium, and the entire family gets the coverage.


  • This policy allows parents to cover fertility treatments.
  • You may qualify for discounts based on the number of members in your family and how old they are.
  • You pay a single sum to cover everyone’s insurance under one policy rather than spending for premiums.
  • Family packs are a more appealing alternative because of the various add-ons offered under this plan.

2. Senior Citizen Insurance Plans

A senior citizen insurance plan is specifically created for those over 60. As you grow older, the body becomes more susceptible to infectious diseases and illnesses; hence, this plan provides total coverage from hospitalisation to post-medical care.


  • It covers pre-existing illnesses.
  • It provides domiciliary costs, medical care, and psychiatric care.
  • The premiums are higher as older people are more prone to have medical problems.
  • It provides coverage for out-of-pocket costs related to illness or accidents before and after hospitalisation.

3. Critical Illness Insurance Plan

The Critical Illness Insurance plan provides a claim if you suffer from a critical illness. The policy covers disorders such as paralysis, stroke, renal failure, heart attacks, cancer, etc. The insurer typically makes a lump sum settlement when you file a claim and the agreement is terminated.


  • It has a lifetime renewability feature.
  • It provides the highest coverage amount.
  • It provides complimentary annual health-check ups.
  • In addition to hospitalisation costs, it aids the covered person by managing all related healthcare costs.

4. Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Considering the high number of accidents, having a personal accident insurance plan is essential. This plan provides total coverage against road accidents, and the program offers lump-sum money for the treatment.


  • It provides weekly payouts in case of partial/total disability.
  • The victim or their family receives a lump sum of money as support.
  • Several contracts provide compensation and tuition advantages to assist with the children’s expenditures.
  • The insurance company will handle debt commitments if the policyholder experiences an accident.

Mediclaim Insurance Plan

You buy health insurance to protect your family from medical emergencies. Mediclaim insurance provides financial security for illness or an accident. The plan covers in-patient expenses such as nursing charges, doctor’s fees, surgical costs, anaesthetic and oxygen, and childcare costs. It has a set policy time, so you must renew it to use its benefits.


  • It gives you protection from all financial obligations.
  • It helps in getting hospital treatment without paying any cash.
  • It is eligible for tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • The insurance provider pays for hospitalization-related expenses such as surgery, oxygen, nursing charges, etc.

Before investing in any health insurance policy, you must consider the type of policy that will be suitable for you. Niva Bupa Health Insurance is among the leading health insurance companies in India. They provide a variety of plans and policies for your and your family’s benefit. Moreover, health insurance is affordable and best to suit your need. A right healthcare insurance policy will come in handy in times of need. You must consider these suggestions when you buy health insurance to make the right choice.

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