Getting The Most Out Of Your Remote Team Meetings

Getting The Most Out Of Your Remote Team Meetings

Remote team meetings call for organizers to take a slightly different approach than when planning in-person meetings. A few preliminary steps, such as sending out an agenda, allowing time for questions and reducing the risk of distractions by using a virtual background with logo, make it possible for participants to get more out of virtual meetings. Find out how you can plan ahead for the most effective remote meetings with teams in any industry.

Sending Out An Agenda

An agenda is critical for a productive remote team meeting. Teams that work together in an office or in hybrid arrangements have opportunities to discuss a broader range of work-related topics. Because the window for face-to-face communication between remote teams is smaller, you should prioritize your goals in advance of each virtual meeting. 

In addition to a list of topics to cover during a meeting, you can also set requirements for team members to satisfy before a meeting even starts. For example, you could request that each team member create a custom office background free of charge. You can also provide access to a high-resolution logo image on a transparent background that team members can display on these backgrounds.

Leaving Time For Questions

When you are organizing a remote meeting, you are likely to have a lot of issues to address during a limited amount of time. This can lead to jam packed agendas with no room for flexibility. It is important to account for the fact that remote team members may have relevant questions that it can be beneficial to answer during a meeting. More than one team member may have similar or related questions that it is worthwhile to address with the entire team present.

By leaving a few minutes for questions near the end of a meeting, you might be able to resolve issues that could otherwise require additional communication outside of a meeting or lead to problems that require rework and cause delays down the road. This approach can also encourage team members to make notes about questions as they arise during a meeting and consider whether subsequent information provides an answer rather than interrupting the flow of conversation and thought during the meeting.

Eliminating Potential Distractions

Having each team member use a free or premium office background is one of the most effective ways to keep participants focused during remote meetings. The benefits of virtual backgrounds are likely to justify upgrading remote team members to premium backgrounds without watermarks. By setting an agenda, leaving time for questions and setting requirements for backgrounds, you can steer clear of the most common pitfalls associated with remote team meetings.

It is helpful to be aware of all of the resources available for facilitating remote team meetings. Collaboration platforms, video conferencing services and virtual background providers are all useful tools that allow for more effective virtual meetings. Implementing the best services in advance of meetings can make it possible for your teams to get more out of each and every remote meeting.

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