Forex trading hours

Forex trading hours

What are the most active forex trading hours? When does the forex market open? If you are looking for these questions, you probably land at the right site. Here we pen out the best hours to trade forex, Forex Market Time Zone Converter, and other related aspects.

Surprisingly, you can trade forex 24 hours of working days to get the potential profits. You need to concentrate on the currency movements and then act accordingly.

If taking about hours, forex traders can only make a trade during the hours between Sunday at 5:00 pm ET and Friday at 5:00 pm ET. To learn more about Forex trading hours, read the article until the end.

Forex Market Time Zone Converter

The forex market is active 24/5, which lets the traders potentially trade any time of the day and night. To know about the forex market trading hours is crucial for forex traders. You must know when the forex market close and open along the four main forex trading sessions.

Traders’ favourite Forex Market Time Zone Converter shows which trading session is active in your current local time. The four main forex trading sessions include the Sydney session, the London session, the Tokyo session, and the New York session.

Tip for using Forex Market Time Zone Converter

Here are some tips and tricks to know the use of Forex Market Time Zone Converter below;

  • Firstly, focus on your trading activity during the marketing hours for the three most active trading sessions: Tokyo, New York, and London.
  • Higher trading activity will display when one of these market sessions opens.
  • And the highly busy time starts when two of these or more Market sessions overlap or are active simultaneously.

Forex trading volume

In the forex market, you can make money according to the currency fluctuations; when it moves up, you earn profits; when it comes down, you can drive potential money depending on your strategy. But when you see no movement, it becomes difficult to achieve.

For the currency trade to fluctuate, lots of trades must occur. And therefore, you should concentrate on your strategy during specific trading sessions. The forex trading sessions are named after the giant financial centers and are based on the local workday of traders trading in certain areas.

There is a relative relation between the trader’s trade and the forex market volume. The more traders trade, the higher the trading volume, and the Market will be more active.

And at the time of a more active Market, you’ll most likely get tighter spreads and less slippage. In short, you’ll experience better order execution.

Overlapping of trading sessions

There were several periods when the Market stuck at a point, but trading volume became thin. However, there’s always at least one trading session open during working days. And at that time, you normally avoid trading and instead wait for the trading season to overlap.

When two major centers opened, the trading of buying and selling currency suddenly increased. But the highest trading volume happens when the two giant centers like London and New York overlap. About 50% of forex trading occurs at these two centers’ simultaneous activity.

What is the best time to trade forex?

The best time to trade forex highly depend on the currency pair you want to trade. Mostly, high trading activity for a particular currency will happen when the forex trading sessions of each currency overlap.


Let’s suppose you want to trade with the currency pair of AUD/JPY. And AUD/JPY will gain a higher trading volume when both Tokyo and Sydney session opens simultaneously. In the same way, EURUSD will get higher trading volume when the London and New York trading session overlap.

Final Verdict

In short, the forex market never gets close, unlike many other markets. But the retail forex traders can only make a trade during the hours between Sunday at 5:00 pm ET and Friday at 5:00 pm ET. Use Forex Market Time Zone Converter to trade in the busiest time of the day to get potential profits.

Further, do proper research about the activity of forex trading sessions and then choose your currency pair to trade so that you can earn the highest profits with each currency fluctuation.

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