Different Questions And Their Answers Related  To Band 6 Huawei

The band 6 Huawei widely uses bands that are full of different functions and features. These bands are not like normal bands they work as a smartwatch and they also become your best companion.

Huawei band 6 is the best band that gives you the best options of different fitness trackers and more and if you want to explore more about band 6 Huawei click on the link and grab all the information

In this article, we are going to discuss all the important questions that people want to know about the band 6 Huawei before buying it. These questions and their answer will be discussed in this article so do not miss it and read it thoroughly.

Questions And Their Answers

Does This Band Have Spo2 Feature?

Yes, it has this best feature of measurement of Spo2. not only this band 6 Huawei has the ability to set this feature automatically to give you full day facility of monitoring Spo2.it also contains lots of other health features.

Is This Band Compatible With All Android Devices?

The answer is yes, this smart banned is compatible with all android devices. Not only this is it also compatible with IOS devices like apple, iPhones iPods, and more. you can easily connect it with the Huawei health app and play store or more.

Can Band 6 Huawei Answer The Calls?

For answering a call you have to use your smartphone but you can have all the notifications of calls and messages on this smart band easily. While you can receive the notification or reject the incoming calls with the help of this smart band.

Does The Display Of Band 6 Huawei Always Remain On?

No, like your smartphone you can set its screen timing. But mostly its automatic setting gives rise and wakes a five-minute screen. so its screen does not always remain on and you need to set the screen time.

This is actually beneficial for this band because this locking screen time saves lots of battery power and it does not create a mess of notifications and gives you the best 14-day longer battery life.

Can This Band Measure Blood Pressure?

This smart device does not measure the blood pressure you need a special device ft the measurement of your blood pressure. However, it can measure many other health rates like heart rate, and Spo2, not only this you can create an estimate of VO2 level.

Is This Smart Band Waterproof?

Yes, this band 6 Huawei is waterproof and it can resist up to 5ATM resistance of water. It can work properly under the depth of 50 meters and it is very suitable for simple water activities like shallow swimming.

How To Pair It With Other Devices?

You can pair it with the help of the Huawei health app on your smartphone. you just have to select the device and chose the option of add. You can also use Bluetooth to connect it with your smartphone.


In a nutshell, all the important questions that are asked about band 6 Huawei are revived. All the compatibility and functionality are exposed to you in this article. Now it is proved that band 6 Huawei is overall the best smart band

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