Detailed Specifications of Huawei Flip Phone: P50 Pro Pocket

Huawei flip phone is best known for its elegant and attractive look. And its original name is Huawei p50 pro pocket. It lies in the series of p50 pro. And it gives a perfect finish to its users to make them feel confident

This best-selling smartphone is considered the most attractive phone in the series of Huawei smartphones if you want to know more about Huawei flip phone the smart p50 pro pocket click on the link and explore more

In this article, we are going to discuss all the elegant specifications of this smart Huawei flip phone. This specification will help to understand the quality of this smartphone.

Specification to know


The overall height of this smart Huawei flip phone is 170 with unfold and 87.3 with folded

  • The width is almost 75.5mm
  • The depth of folded flip phone is 7.2mm
  • The depth of unfolded flip phone is 15.2mm
  • It approximately weight is 190 g


  • The screen size of the Huawei flip phone is 6.9 inches
  • The screen cover is almost 1.04 inches
  • It had the rounded corners with the diagonal length
  • It had more than 1.07 billion colors
  • Its screen color is more than 16.7 million
  • Its main screen is OLED type with the great frequency
  • Its refresh rate is almost 1440Hz
  • The PWM dimming frequency is 300Hz
  • The cover screen is also OLED type.
  • The cover screen had also a refresh rate of 60Hz and above
  • The main resolution [oint is almost FHD 2790 x 1188 pixel


  • It had the snapdragon processor with 8884G
  • It had an Octa-core CPU
  • The frequency of these CPUs is 1 cortex 84GHz and more
  • It also contains ADRENO 660

Operating system

  • It had the best operating system of EMUL 12


  • RAM of this premium edition is 12GB
  • ROM of this flip phone is almost 512GB

Rare camera

  • It had the best 40 MP true chroma camera
  • It also had an ultra-wide camera angle of 13 MP
  • Its ultra spectrum camera contains 32 MP
  • But the photo pixel may depend on the photo mode
  • It contain thebets atuofocus mode
  • Its camera also has auto digital mode
  • Its image resolution is almost 7296 x 5472 pixels
  • The video resolution of this flip phone is 3840x 2160
  • The video resolution may depend on the interpolating algorithm technology.
  • Its back camera also contains a LED fleshlight it had lots of capture modes including; filters, panorama, night macro story creator, ultra-wide, monochrome, and many more.

Front camera

  • Its selfie camera contains almost 10.7MP of resolution
  • It also had the best wide-angle aperture.
  • It supports the image resolution of up to 3776 x 2832 pixels
  • Its video resolution support up to 3840 x 2160
  • It had lots of capture modes like capture smile, slow motion, time-lapse, mirror reflection, audio control, timer, and more.


  • It includes the following sensors;
  • Gravity sensors, fingerprint sensors, hall sensors, gyroscopes, compass, light sensors, proximity sensors, and many more.


In a nutshell, all the specifications of the Huawei flip phone are discussed above this is the most attractive smartphone in the series of Huawei in the collection of p50 pro. It is recommended that if you want to buy any type of flip phone buy this smartphone to enjoy all of its features.


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