Automatic Tablet Counter Applications

Counting is difficult. Automatic counting devices may help you start and grow your company. With reduced expenses and simpler operation, it’s replacing manual counts.

Exactly What Does An Automatic Counting Machine Do?

Automatic counting machines automatically count items. This top-notch equipment eliminates manual counting. The gadget does all the work, leaving you free. It may be utilized in numerous sectors to reduce labor costs, increase accuracy, and expedite production.

How Do Count Machines Work?

As an example, consider Pharmapack‘s automated counting and filling system.

Workers deposit their goods in the automated counting machine’s hopper, or it may be done automatically.

Products are subsequently placed on a vibratory plate that vibrates at a predetermined frequency to transport them through channels and into detecting tunnels.

Infrared dynamic scanning sensors spanning the tunnel detect the items. Microprocessors count how many goods pass via each detection tunnel.

After passing through a detecting tunnel, the goods are filled by nozzles.

The counter weighs each container before and after filling to assure accuracy. Whether the container is properly filled determines whether it’s accepted. An automated rejection star wheel will reject a container if it exceeds its maximum or minimum weight after filling.

So, the counter can identify and reject faulty tablets and count bulk tablets with high accuracy and speed.

What Are Automated Counting Machines Used For?

Automatic counting machines have several uses throughout industries. Common uses include:

Pharmaceuticals: It’s a crucial industry. Pharmaceutical businesses produce medications for different illnesses. They require equipment that can accurately count and fill pills quickly. Automatic tablet counter eliminates manufacturing mistakes and maintains quality. Automatic counting machines save costs and improve efficiency.

Agriculture: Food companies need vast factories to create tablets and capsules like candy. An autonomous counting system would help these businesses enhance production efficiency, cut labor expenses, and improve product quality.

Healthcare: Automatic tablet counters may increase hospital efficiency. The automated counting equipment ensures that consumers don’t overdose or underdose.


If you need new automatic tablet counters or want to learn more, visit Pharmapack. We’ll tell you more. Merci!

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