An essential guide to taking great Airbnb photos

According to seasoned hosts, the first thing that draws prospective guests when they browse through Airbnb listings in the images. When done properly, each picture may become a potent tool for increasing visitors’ interest in your listing. Airbnb listings with compelling images get more views and rank better in search results. As a result, it’s critical to capture high-quality Airbnb images for use in your marketing campaign.

However, how can you develop high-quality images that will generate inquiries and increase your occupancy rate? The good news is that you don’t have to be a skilled photographer to capture stunning images of your Airbnb home. By following these recommendations for taking great Airbnb photographs, you can create stunning images that will elevate your rental listing.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about Airbnb photography, including preparation tips, recommended equipment, and how to shoot the ideal photographs.

What Are the Airbnb Photo Requirements?

While Airbnb does not have stringent picture guidelines, they do provide size and style advice. Airbnb advises that hosts use a 3:2 aspect ratio with a minimum size of 1024 x 683px.

What Equipment Will You Require?

If you’re using a camera, ensure that it’s a digital camera with user-adjustable settings. Additionally, it is recommended that you have a tripod on which to balance your camera. This will result in clear and sharp Airbnb images since you will not be straining to keep your camera steady. If you’re shooting with a smartphone, it’s also a good idea to have a stand for your phone to ensure stable shots.

How to Take the Best Airbnb Photographs

1. Take note of the little nuances in your Airbnb snapshot.

The majority of Airbnb hosts are so focused on capturing the big attractions of their house that they overlook minor nuances. While seemingly trivial, little nuances may make or break a booking choice. When visitors envision themselves staying at your property, the little elements help bring the experience to life.

Demonstrate the elements that give your home uniqueness and serve to make visitors feel welcome. If you own collectibles or a vegetable garden, provide images in your listing. Guests want to see that your house is more than an upmarket Airbnb listing.

2. De-clutter and clean

Before filming, ensure that your vacation rental is clean. Nothing turns visitors away more quickly than images of an untidy, dirty vacation property. Clean up your Airbnb by following these steps:

  • Arrange furniture and re-inflate sofa cushions.
  • Clean and put away any dirty dishes and check for noticeable stains in any locations you want to photograph.
  • Vacuum and mop your floors to restore their luster.
  • Remove any clutter that may give the impression that your rental area is smaller than it is.
  • If you have a large collection of decorations or books, put them away. While some décor is desirable, excessive decoration might make your home seem more like a storage facility than a home.

Utilize our vacation rental cleaning checklist to ensure that your property is immaculate.

3. During the day, turn on all lights.

Proper lighting enhances the professional appearance of your Airbnb images. Natural light contributes to the enhancement of your property’s contrast, depth, and colors. When photographing your Airbnb rental, open the windows and drapes to allow natural light to enter.

One thing that Airbnb photographers often neglect is the need of turning on all lights before shooting. By turning on the internal lights, any dark areas in your Airbnb images will be eliminated. Additionally, it gives prospective visitors a clear picture of what your establishment has to offer.

This is advantageous for photographing the kitchen or bathroom, which do not get as much natural light as the rest of the home. Turning on the lights will also assist visitors in determining the cleanliness of your house.

4. Shoot into a nook or cranny

Always choose to fire towards a room’s corner rather than straight at a wall. Shooting into a corner adds depth to the arrangement of the photograph. Additionally, it provides a greater view of the room’s size and makes the room seem larger and more welcoming.

This regulation applies to all rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom. In the bedroom, you’re likely to make the bed the main point of the Airbnb picture, while in the living room, you’re likely to make the couch the focal focus. The shower or bath is the perfect focal point for the bathroom, whereas the stove/oven is great for the kitchen.

5. Capture panoramic images

Panoramic photos are the most effective approach to capturing the whole of a room in a single photograph. If you do not have access to a panoramic camera, take some images using a wide-angle lens. This sort of Airbnb picture will provide a more accurate representation of the size of a place to prospective visitors. Additionally, it establishes your credibility as a host, since it demonstrates that you have nothing to hide.

6. Take photographs from a variety of perspectives.

For visitors, it’s tedious to go through hundreds of Airbnb photographs shot from the same viewpoint. Add some variation by photographing from several perspectives, such as from the ceiling down or the ground up. However, ensure that you include the facilities that customers like to see. Don’t do anything only to seem artsy!

7. Using your Airbnb photos to create a lifestyle

While some visitors choose more practical photographs, the majority pick a house for the lifestyle it provides. Utilize your Airbnb picture collection to demonstrate the kind of lifestyle that visitors may expect. If your house is rustic, you may want to add a copper stovetop kettle and a cheeseboard. If it’s a sleek, urban flat, you may add a touch of glam to the bathroom by using expensive products. If your friends like the outdoors, demonstrate where you store your ready-to-use outdoor gear.

These photographs will assist you in attracting certain sorts of visitors to your resort. You will almost certainly earn more money from some demographics than from others, so make an effort to appeal to your ideal visitors in your photographs.

8. Take photographs across town

Once you’ve nailed the inside and exterior shots of your rental, don’t forget to photograph your area! People are just as interested in seeing where you live as they are in the place where they will be staying. Therefore, ensure that you get a few images of surrounding eateries and local attractions.

Take more than one photograph and leave it at that. Spend some time in your photographs capturing the spirit and vibe of your community. If you’re in the city, snap some images of the local hustle and bustle. Take photographs of the neighborhood park or bridge if it’s in a nice, calm area.


Creating stunning, attention-grabbing Airbnb photographs for your rental offering is a certain method to ensure continued reservations and inquiries. Another strategy to accelerate company development is to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, frees you to concentrate on business growth

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