A Real-Time PCR System for Accurate HBV Tests

PCR machines like SLAN-96P are a very accurate way to test for HBV infection. PCR machines can identify and replicate the virus and then give a positive or negative result. They are also able to identify other strains, not just HBV.

A Real-Time PCR System: What Is It?

A real-time PCR system is used in molecular biology to determine whether a sample contains particular mRNAs or proteins. A real-time PCR system’s benefit is that it enables researchers to swiftly and precisely ascertain the concentrations of particular genes or proteins in a sample. In addition, real-time PCR techniques are frequently more sensitive than conventional PCR systems, making them perfect for detecting low gene or protein expression levels.

Why Would You Use a Real-Time PCR System?

A real-time PCR system is an effective instrument that may be used to identify and measure particular DNA sequences in a sample. Real-time PCR systems have speed and accuracy advantages over more conventional approaches like DNA sequencing. Real-time PCR can also pinpoint specific genes or markers linked to diseases or medical problems.

How is SLAN-96P used for HBV testing?

PCR machines are used for HBV testing by extracting viral DNA from a patient’s blood sample. It is then placed into SLAN-96P, which uses a thermal cycling process to amplify the viral DNA. the amplified DNA is then detected with a fluorescent probe and can be used to identify the presence of HBV.


The PCR machine SLAN-96P from Sansure Biotech is a powerful tool for creating incredibly accurate HBV tests. This technology is changing the way we diagnose and treat this virus, and it has the potential to save countless lives.

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