Where to travel in summer to upgrade your lifestyle

For those who love sea

The beautiful island of Cyprus is one of the latest nations to lift Covid restrictions on travelers. Similar announcements come from destinations around the world, from the Czech Republic to Japan, which is growing its visitor list. The entire hospitality industry hopes and believes that 2022 is the year of recovery. Safe travel in Italy is possible. So how is it possible to travel abroad without fear?

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For those who love the cold: Alaska and Antarctica

According to the tourism website Travel and Leisure , these two destinations are perfect for leaving and traveling abroad. Many visitors also arrive on cruise ships, with the US state expecting to receive over 1.5 million cruise passengers in the summer of 2022. The fun isn’t just on the water. Alaska is famous for its snowy landscapes, national parks, and now for art too. Unmissable will be the new Sealaska Heritage Institute in the town of Juneau.

Instead, Antarctica is a destination for animal lovers, who will be able to see whales, penguins and seals here. There are also polar expeditions to spot animals in their habitat and helicopter adventures. It is also a destination for those who love adrenaline, who can walk in the middle of the ice and enjoy an immaculate panorama.

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For those who love cities: Taipei and Auckland

How do you deduce the value of a destination? Much like the value of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, a lot depends on world trends and personal preferences. According to travel guide experts Lonely Planet, Auckland and Taipei are the two most innovative cities in 2022. The former is in New Zealand, while the latter is in Taiwan.

Auckland is famous for its 53 volcanoes, over 50 islands in front of the city and beaches. But it is also a modern destination, ideal for admiring the murals and street art. Instead, Taipei is a destination for those who love food. Here, tradition and modernity coexist.

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