What It Means To Have An Area Scan Camera

What It Means To Have An Area Scan Camera

Cameras have revolutionized the world of today. Area scan cameras, in particular, have made it easier for people to keep up with their surroundings and identify potential threats. Learn what an area scan camera is and how it works through this article!

What is an Area Scan Camera?

An area scan camera is a type of camera that captures an image by scanning an area rather than by taking a single picture. This allows the camera to capture more detail and information in a given area. For example, area scan cameras are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, where they are used to inspect machinery or other equipment. However, they can be very useful when you need to check for damage or abnormalities in a large area quickly.

How does an Area Scan Camera work?

Area Scan Cameras are cameras that use a global shutter CMOS image sensor. They are often used in industrial applications, such as inspection and measurement because they can create accurate images.

How do the images take place?

Area scan cameras are widely used in print inspection, postal sorting, label scanning, and metal parts inspection because they can capture a large area quickly and easily. For example, area scan cameras use a 65-megapixel industrial camera to take pictures of an area at an extremely high resolution. This allows for detailed images of objects or areas that would be difficult or impossible to photograph with a normal camera .

The Benefits of an Area Scan Camera

Area scan cameras are a great way to capture detailed images of a large area. Here are some benefits of the Area Scan Camera like SmartMoreInside:

  1. 2 million pixel resolution;
  2. The maximum frame rate of full resolution is up to 340fps;
  3. High sensitivity and low noise;
  4. ROI/Binning/Sub-Sampling/Overlap and other functions;


Area scan cameras are a great option for businesses and entrepreneurs who need to capture high-resolution images of large areas. Besides, they are also becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and accuracy, and they are likely to become even more important in the future as technology improves. So if you’re interested in using an area scanning camera in your business, check out our selection here at inside.smartmore.com.

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