What exactly Proctored Online Exams are?

World digitalization is causing significant changes in all aspects of our lives. When it comes to education, e-learning has given students all over the world the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of institutions regardless of their location. However, new opportunities bring with them new challenges. Thus, in order to maintain integrity, especially when assessing students, educators must adapt to new norms, improving their methods and approaches with new technologies.

An online proctored exam is on its way. This tool assists educational institutions in monitoring the examination process and preventing cheating. In this article, we’ll look at what a proctored exam is, how it works, and what advantages it provides for educators and students.

What are Proctored Online Exams?

The online proctored exam, also known as remote proctoring, is a piece of software that runs on the examinee’s computer and allows examiners to monitor the assessment process in real time. Its primary goal is to prevent cheating and protect academic integrity while administering online tests. Furthermore, the proctor can assist in resolving any technical issues that may arise.

Here are the five most common methods for proctoring an online exam.

 Browser security measures

A lockdown browser is a type of browser that restricts the use of other applications (typically anything that allows students to communicate or search for information) or desktop functions (such as printing) while taking the exam. This browser is installed on the computer of the examinee and can only monitor that device. That is, it cannot prevent offline communication, the use of paper notes, or the use of other devices.

Remote proctoring in real time

This type of proctoring is similar to a center-based exam. It necessitates the presence of a human invigilator who monitors authentication and examination via a real-time audio and video feed. Because the only difference between classroom testing and remote proctoring is that everything is proctored remotely, it is still necessary to book the exam date and time to ensure there are available proctors.

 Proctoring that is recorded

As the name implies, this proctoring software method records all audio and video data, which is later reviewed by a proctor to look for any undesirable activities. In contrast to live remote proctoring, the recorded mode allows students to pass an exam at any time of day or night. Human intervention, however, is unavoidable.

Proctoring that is automated

Automated proctoring is a cutting-edge AI-based technology that does not require any human intervention. This test proctoring software can analyze video/audio feeds and detect fraud. If the student engages in any inappropriate behavior, the software immediately sends a report to the proctor, who is responsible for investigating the case and making the final decision. When compared to other methods, this proctoring solution is more convenient because no exams must be scheduled, and it is less expensive because no human invigilator is required.

Online proctoring in a hybrid setting

This is a hybrid of AI and live remote proctoring. The software monitors the examination and alerts a live supervisor if any suspicious activity is detected. This method not only allows educational institutions to reap the benefits of automation, but it also allows them to avoid false reports of student dishonesty.

What does it mean to be remotely proctored?

Online proctored exams are free of cheating despite being held remotely. Furthermore, it would be a mistake to believe that remotely proctored exams are less supervised than in-person exams.

Validation and authentication: Before beginning an online proctored test, participants must go through a multi-level identity control process, similar to a center-based exam.

Invigilation for anti-cheating: In addition to the offline examination, the online proctored exam requires a supervisor. A human proctor or AI-powered software can be used. Examinees are monitored via video and audio feed in both cases. Furthermore, they are often discouraged from searching the web and using other desktop applications.

What is remote proctoring?

The robust software that assists educators in creating proctored tests in their Learning Management System is at the heart of remote proctoring (LMS). It typically includes three major steps: authentication, real-time monitoring, and data storage and analysis. Let’s take a look at each of them individually.


Every exam begins with the candidates’ authentication. When taking remotely proctored tests, students must usually enable their webcam and provide a photocopy of their ID. The software matches the ID content to the student image from the video feed. The exam begins as soon as the identity is verified.

Continuous monitoring in real time

As soon as the test begins, a live human proctor or AI-powered software monitors student behavior and flags any suspicious behavior. Aside from basic video and audio proctoring, online exams can include a plethora of different invigilating features such as mobile phone detection, browser lockdown, voice or eye movement detection, and much more.

Data Storage and Analysis

Every type of remote proctoring entails recording and storing all video and audio data in the cloud. It means that, in addition to real-time flagging, the information can be reviewed after the examination is completed and some ambiguous cases resolved.

What is proctoring software and how does it aid in the prevention of cheating?

Proctoring software is typically a cloud-based solution that operates over the Internet. The following are the primary prerequisites for using this tool:

  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Continuous Internet access
  • The microphone and the webcam
  • Appropriate operating system
  • Software-supported browser.

AI-powered online proctoring software is an excellent tool for ensuring the validity of the online exam. It can monitor the environment around the candidate using the webcam and detect another person in the room, the use of other devices, whispering, and so on. Furthermore, having access to the test-taker screen allows it to disable any undesirable on-screen activities such as web searching, using other apps, and so on.

In this new era of online education, educational institutions and corporate companies that administer exams have begun to use exceptional online exam software such as Mercer | Mettl to ensure the safety and quality of the examination process.

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