Ways to live loving life after marriage

After the honeymoon period is over, after 6 months to one year it is the time to start to adjust your life as a married couple. Even if you and your partner are living together before getting married, there are certain things which are different from being married and require some adjustments. From the first meeting in the marriage bureau in Faridabad to the day you are handling finances it has been a long journey for both of you. Working as a team would help you to handle in-laws, daily challenges, finances, etc. working together with love will take you to a happy married life.

  • Communication: even if you feel like you and your partner have always talked well, you have to keep working on it. There will always be unexpected challenges and life changes, and you and your partner need to be able to work on them together. Be honest and open, you are going to facetime in which you need to bring up issues which may be uncomfortable or difficult, but you have to do it. Thought about what you may say beforehand.
  • Always be thankful and pleasing: many times it is easy to think that our partner must anticipate our needs or does not need to be acknowledged. But that is not the case- if anything, you must be more aware of making sure your partner gets asked kindly for thanks and things afterwards.
  • Never use ultimatums: no one likes limitations, and they typically do not get you what you wanted. Even though it may be satisfying at the time to issue an ultimatum, the statements you may regret later include:
    • If you do not start looking for a job, I am not going to pay for your therapy.
  • Make plans with friends: even though you may not have thought your relationships with friends would change once you get married, they usually do. It is becoming harder to get out on your own and hang out with friends as you once did, so it is necessary to make plans so that you may continue to keep these friendships. Realize that some of your friends may go away- it is just part of married life and its changes.
  • Keep your interest alive: it is necessary to have interest and activity outside of your marriage. Even though you and your partner may share a lot of the same passions, it is required to have some things which are just for you as an individual.
  • Calculate how the money would work: if you are going to have a joint account, or keep things separately? This is a good question to discuss even before you get married. All couples have different ideas about how you make money work best in the marriage. If you are worried about it, you may walk to talk to a financial counselor as you are setting up your marriage finances.
  • Talk about saving and spending: before going to matrimonial services in Delhi keep in mind that your partner is mindful enough to make the decision together about where your money is going. If either one of you is better at keeping track and being frugal, put her or him in charge of your savings account and work together on your goal.

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