Ways to Deal with Bullying in the Classroom

A school is a place where kids are supposed to learn, enjoy and have fun while learning but good and bad exist everywhere and it doesn’t see age, gender and community. Bullying is a nightmare for every student these days. Bullying is a problem that exists in almost every school which includes physical assault, rumors and backbiting etc. It hardly matters how to bully any other student, it will have a long-lasting negative impact on the psychology of the student and the whole learning environment. Bullies not only devastated the present of a student but also, they destroyed the whole future because the one who suffers, his/her self-confidence dies completely and he/she feels completely helpless for a long time. Therefore, institute ERP and school management software are also focusing on providing the children bullying free education. For this institute ERP and school management software keep a keen eye to monitor cyber bullying also during the online learning process. Environment of a school should be fear free and students should not refuse to come to the school just because he or she is scared of some bully who will insult, beat or harass him or her in the school. That is why handling bullies in a correct manner is very necessary to make the school environment safe and joyful for the students. So, let’s look into ways to deal with bullying in the classroom:

  • Bullies have a tendency of targeting those students especially whose emotional state of mind is very weak and they have a very weak level of self-confidence. Bullies apply different types of strategies to take over their targets, therefore it becomes necessary to make students understand about methods bullies use to bother their targets so that students can save themselves. Here students should know the type of bully such as a physical bully who torchers physically by hitting, pushing or slapping. Verbal bully who abuses and uses harsh words. Prejudicial bully can hurt a student in terms of religions, races & sexual orientation. Similarly, there are bullies who had been bullied in the past, some are serial bullies who constantly bully and some are relational bullies who use friendship to take over other students.
  • Teachers need to keep a keen eye on the students because all the bullies are not visible easily in the classroom because one can’t be bullied physically always. Therefore, teachers have to be very focused on the behavior of the students because a relational form of bullying remains between the bully and the victim and isn’t visible to anyone at all because the victim is under control of the bully. Therefore, teachers should notice how students are interacting with each other to intervene whenever any form of bullying becomes visible.
  • Other than the classroom there are many chosen and favorite places for bullies where they like to bully students like bathroom, hallway, volleyball courtyard, lunchroom. Therefore, it is very essential that few staff members and officials should be very attentive and present all the time at such places to keep an eye on bullies and scold them whenever they are about to bother any student there. In this way teachers and school management can make sure that they are always available for the students and to take care of them.
  • Often it is seen that one kid gets bullied and others only watch surrounding him/her without doing anything to save him/her due to fear of bullying. Whereas these students should come forward collectively in order to help the bullied kid and take ethical action against the bully. Teachers can motivate the students to take ethical measures against the bully by recognizing him or her in front of school authorities and should ask the students to report about any bullying behavior to the teachers & parents. 
  • Victims of bullying get emotionally so much broken that they no more remain in condition to talk anyone and teachers can’t be available for the students all the time that is why teachers need to keep somebody among students who can inform any such bullying behavior which bothers any student and the best for this is to choose class leader as informer because he/she is one of the students and representative of class too. 
  • Teachers should take help from parents also in this process and make them aware of the process to recognize sudden change in kid’s behavior if he or she becomes silent, sits in corner, always have a sad face and fears to go outside that means he or she is victim of bullying. Then parents should talk to their kids and enquire politely about it.

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