VN88 Withdrawing cash Instruction

After having played and won at VN88 casino, any player is likely to wish to make a withdrawal from Vn88 casino to his personal bank account right away.

Nonetheless, many Vn88 players have stated that getting cash from the casino is difficult and hard for them, particularly when dealing for the very first time. Like a consequence, we’ll show you how and where to withdraw cash from Vn88 casino at the simplest and quickest way possible.

Withdrawing steps at Vn88

To make a successful withdrawal for their first time in here, players must follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to Vn88’s main site.

Step 2: Sign into the Vn88 account that has been registered before.

Step 3: At this point, kindly click “Withdraw” option and pick “Local Bank.”

Step 4: The form area is now appear and the user must enter the information precisely and concisely. This data collection contains:

  • The sum of money users wish to take out. Please enter the cash amount without the last three zeros there.
  • The company’s name. Kindly submit and select the precise name of your bank with whom you wish to do your transaction.
  • The account’s name.
  • Your account number/address.  Please enter the exact bank account number that you chose in the preceding part inside this box.
  • Finally, there is the bank branch. Please enter your branch information.

Here is the final step. Please send your request by clicking on the “Demand Payment” box.

After completing the five procedures in order to withdraw funds at Vn88, gamers may expect to wait from 15 to 30 minutes before Vn88 casino to process the player’s payment. After confirming that all the information is true and valid, the withdrawal amount from bookie will be quickly sent to their bank account supplied by the player.

Which banks that support transactions from VN88

Payments at Vn88 bookmaker can be done through the bank institutions that VN88 bookie accepts. It is even  more faster and easier, saving customers time and effort.

Moreover, clients are not charged for such withdrawal procedure. That’s why many users have stuck with the VN88 website for too long. Since this bookie has been operational with a paper relationship, players should withdraw funds from VN88 betting site using the below banks:

  • Agricultural bank.
  • SCB.
  • Vietnamese Bank of Investment and Development.
  • VCB.
  • ACB.
  • TCB.

Customers may be comfortable in dealing with institutions besides those mentioned above because there are several additional linked banks. Payment transactions are still processed for organizations wherein Vn88 doesn’t really give support, but the client must give enough time.


We hope that our Vn88 bookie post has provided you with comprehensive information about how to withdraw cash from the Vn88 bookmaker in an easy and ensure that the appropriate. Players at Vn88 casino must follow the proper protocol to gain the best results. Best of luck with your transactions!

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