The secret tips from NEET toppers that you want to know

The NEET exam is scheduled in the month of May every year. Despite the fact of taking neet online test, have a proper strategy in place relating to preparation students falter at the last stage of an exam. You could be having some strategies at your own end, but why not listen to what the toppers have to say. No one would deny the advice they receive from subject matters at Infinity Learn. This would enable you to learn from your mistakes and develop a proper strategy.

There are many students who are not aware about the pattern of the exams and falter. Be aware that you are preparing for NEET exams and the key is to avoid them. Before we go ahead let us figure out a couple of reasons why scores emerging in the exams low

  • Concentrating on a single subject- the students are known to concentrate on a single subject where they ignore the other two subjects. What they tend to overlook is that the final score is the aggregate of all the subjects. For this reason all subjects should be given adequate time.
  • Studying from multiple study materials- Relying on different influences students have different books around them. It adds to the confusion and students are not able to concentrate on a particular subject. Hence it is always better to choose a single study material and practice good questions.

Apart from regularly attempting neet mock test online below are some tips from the toppers

  • Have a grip over NCERT syllabus- The syllabus of NEET is formulated after going through the syllabus of NCERT books. Once you are able to understand the concepts better it is going to help you formulate a proper strategy when it comes to clear the NEET exams. Even it is going to save you time as you do not have to study about the irrelevant topics.
  • Figure out the exam pattern in details- The NEET exam is one that is conducted in a paper and pen mode. There are four sections in this paper which is further sub- divided into various sections.
  • A flexible action plan is vital- The moment you adhere to the syllabus and exam pattern, you are left with no option apart from executing your exam with NEET. If you study with a regular pattern it is bound to bring a level of boredom to your routine. So try to modify and alter your study plans accordingly. A tip to follow is to stick to a fixed schedule, but rather it would be better to modify it chapter wise or section centric.
  • Deeper dedication- The toppers were able to clear the NEET exams due to their extreme levels of dedication. For the last couple of years they may have been giving complete attention. It is always better to start off your exam preparation early so as to excel in the exam. Dedication and consistency will help you reach the goal with success.
  • The study sessions are to be split into small ones- Rather than studying long hours divide your study sessions into small intervals. Learning in small durations helps you to retain information. Even reading 5 to 6 hours will help you achieve your goal. So you need to choose a duration that is best suited for your particular pattern of study
  • The choice of the best study material- Students often end up taking a lot of time in deciding which is the best study material. The choice of the best one among plenty is a difficult task. But the choice of the right material will be of immense help to ace the exam with flying colours. A suggestion that you can follow is that you may avoid different books since it adds to the confusion only. Just have a few good books on a particular subject and then follow them.
  • Analyse your preparation- You need to self- analyse your preparation. Make sure that you practice giving mock tests as then you will have an idea on where you stand currently. A time bound approach to clear the exams would be of considerable help.
  • Revise- This has to be the most important aspect in preparing for your exam. You can note down the important formulas in a book and when the time arrives you can flip through them. Having flashcards installed would contribute to your exam preparation as well.

Apart from the above pointers you can devote some time to group study. Since the syllabus of NEET is large this is bound to enhance your learning capacity. Group study will help you understand topics properly and a sense of confidence is provided in answering questions. You would love to interact with your friends and learn from them at the same time.

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