The safest exchanges to buy XYO

XY has been in existence since 2012 and has been developing reliable location technology. In 2017, the XY Oracle Network, a blockchain network for checking locations, was launched. The project aims to create a system of decentralized oracles that will provide smart contracts with information about physical objects. Many experts believe that this is the future of geolocation.

XYO Coin Features

The XYO project aims to create and develop its own geospatial network that can provide and verify data about physical objects for smart contracts on the blockchain and other enterprises.

XYO has great application potential. Any branch of human activity is somehow connected with transportation and targeted delivery. The oracle geospatial network can be useful in e-commerce, passenger transportation, insurance, healthcare, and many other industries, including homeland security. The most commonly mentioned is the receipt of payments for the delivery of goods.

Merchants will be able to create smart contracts, the network will track the movement of the package to its destination, and the payment will be completed only upon receipt of the goods. Thus, the influence of the human factor will be minimized, payments will be made faster than in the traditional financial system.

The network uses the XYO utility token. Tokens can be earned in the process of geomining – studying and discovering digital objects from real space and exchanging data with other network users. To participate in the XYO device network, you need to install the COIN app. To receive a cryptocurrency reward, a geominer needs to mine a set number of COIN tokens and exchange them for XYO.

Where to buy XYO

The XYO token occupies the 277th position in the rating by market capitalization. The current price is $0.005815. The token is presented rather modestly on the market. The most reliable and secure way to buy XYO is to use the services of specialized trading platforms that support this coin.

Coinbase Exchange

A popular cryptocurrency trading platform that has been in existence since 2012. The interface is intuitive and easy to use even for beginners. All major operations with cryptocurrency are available on the platform. Coinbase Exchange is the most convenient platform for buying and selling XYO for EUR, USD, USDT and Bitcoin. In total, more than 150 coins and tokens are supported. However, direct conversion of altcoins among themselves is not always possible and often an intermediate operation is required with the participation of an intermediary currency. If we are talking exclusively about trading operations without an immediate withdrawal of the currency, it is more appropriate to choose USDT instead of converting HBAR to USD.

The exchange has established itself as one of the most secure. User funds are stored in cold wallets; for greater security, there are paper copies of all keys dispersed among different banks in the world.


KuCoin is considered to be one of the most competitive platforms in the industry. The platform positions itself as a “people’s exchange”. Particular emphasis in the development of the site is on ease of use and high security. In total, about 700 coins and tokens are supported on the platform, including XYO as part of trading pairs with USDT, Bitcoin and ETH.

In addition to the basic features, the range of platform services includes futures trading, the purchase of digital assets with credit and debit cards, a trading bot and staking.


This cryptocurrency exchange is registered in the Netherlands. The trading platform offers a fairly rich selection of altcoins, including XYO. XYO is available for buying and selling with euros.


Since XYO is a rather rare altcoin, there can be liquidity problems on any of the individual sites. The easiest way is to entrust the most time-consuming part of organizing the transaction to the specialized search engine of the instant exchange service LetsExchange.

Smart search finds available deals and compares conditions, your task is only to confirm the transaction. The site works without registration and verification, and also does not store your coins. This means that the risk of leakage of confidential information and theft of coins is completely excluded.

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