The How-Tos Of Cleaning Up After A House Fire

A house fire is an unfortunate event every homeowner should avoid at all costs. It is extremely risky for the property and the residents.

Cleaning up after a house fire is not only tiring and requires a lot of time, but it is also heartbreaking and devastating. You are not just cleaning up all the mess; you are also cleaning up everything you once enjoyed with your loved ones.

In this article, we will discuss the how-tos of cleaning up after a house fire. If you want to learn how and where to start, keep reading.

You might need to clean the three main types of damage following a house fire: fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage.

How To Get Started?

The first step is the hardest one. Seeing your property on fire can be extremely devastating. After the fire has been put out, the number of things you need to clean up can be overwhelming.

The first step and most integral step you must take is to collect your thoughts and create a cleaning plan. Although it is overwhelming, you need to accept the fact that cleaning up and rehabilitation will take time.

How To Clean The Exterior?

Before starting, ensure that the foundation of the house is sturdy enough. If you need help checking the overall structure of your house, make sure to call reliable companies that offer clean-up after fire damage Salt Lake City has.

Proceed to the outside walls. You can use a power washer if you can. The power washer can help you eliminate ash, soot, and chemical fire retardants a lot faster.

If you do not have a power washer, you can manually clean the exterior by starting from the floor up to avoid streaking and washing the walls one small section at a time. Rinse right away with clean water.

Unless the walls are completely dry, do not start repainting. Wiping down all wet surfaces with a bleach and water solution can lessen the likelihood that mold and mildew will grow on them.

How To Clean The Interior?

Cleaning the interior may take a lot of time. It is also challenging. If you can, hire a professional clean-up company. They can tell if it is safe to enter the house and start cleaning up.

They can start the process by removing excess water, severely harmed wood, and construction materials.

You must remove extra water, severely harmed wood, and construction materials by hand if you want to handle the cleaning yourself. Before doing anything, make sure to put on protective gear, such as gloves and sturdy footwear. It is also important that you observe the public health recommendations and regulations for using masks and cleaning up fire ash safely.

After that, you must start. Remove any wet carpeting or vinyl flooring. To work on the interior finishes, move all wet and damaged items to a storehouse to allow for further investigation or cleaning.

Check for soot on all interior surfaces. Combine a solution of two tablespoons dishwashing soap, four to six tablespoons trisodium phosphate, and one cup bleach with one gallon of warm water to remove soot from interior walls, closets, wooden and metal fixtures, and floors.

By using a sponge, wash one narrow area at a time. Right away, rinse each section with clear water, then let the interior dry completely. To hasten this process, open the windows and use powerful fans.

How To Determine What Things To Dispose Of After The Fire?

After a house fire, you need to toss away these things:

  1. Perishable and non-perishable goods
  2. Medicines
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Burnt Clothes
  5. Electrical Appliance

In conclusion, calling for professional help after a house fire is a lot safer than doing the cleaning on your own. They are experienced, they can tell if it is safe to enter the property, and they know what procedures to follow on top of having the right equipment.

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