Tenured Associate Professor Xi Qu: Driving Innovation in Econometrics and Regional Economics at Antai College

The academic rigor and dedication to research of Antai College, which is part of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, have earned it widespread acclaim. Tenured associate professor Xi Qu, an authority in econometrics and regional economics, is spearheading research efforts at Antai College. Professor Xi Qu had a priceless influence at Antai College, and this post reveals his major accomplishments in the fields of regional economics and econometrics.

Tenured Associate Professor Xi Qu’s Research Expertise: Econometrics and Spatial Economics

As a tenured associate professor, Xi Qu has dedicated his research efforts to advancing the field of econometrics, particularly in the realm of spatial economics. Through his extensive research, he has made notable contributions to the development of econometrics theory and the application of spatial econometrics models. Professor Xi Qu’s work sheds light on the intricate relationships between economic variables within regional and urban contexts, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of economic growth and development.

Bridging Theory and Practice: Tenured Associate Professor Xi Qu’s Impact at Antai College

In addition to his research endeavors, Tenured Associate Professor Xi Qu plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between theory and practice at Antai College. Through his teaching contributions, he imparts his expertise in econometrics and regional economics to the next generation of scholars and practitioners. Professor Xi Qu’s focus on social network analysis and peer effects equips students with practical knowledge and analytical skills that are highly relevant to understanding economic behavior and decision-making processes.


Tenured Associate Professor Xi Qu’s contributions to the fields of econometrics and regional economics have solidified Antai College’s reputation as a center of excellence in research and innovation. His expertise in econometrics theory, spatial econometrics models, and social network analysis, coupled with his dedication to teaching, have a profound impact on students and the broader academic community. Professor Xi Qu’s work not only enhances our understanding of economic dynamics but also paves the way for evidence-based solutions and policy recommendations in regional and urban development.

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