Since the inception of creation and mankind, man has continuously been on an evolving cycle, creating new ways of doing things, making life easy and comfortable for himself. From ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, to the medieval era and industrial age, man has come up with exciting inventions such as the calculus, bulb and electricity, locomotive, anesthesia, the list is endless. This invention has been able to change life conditions, making living easy and worthwhile.

Inventions of electricity and locomotive brought about a major revolution both in science and commerce. It became easy for large transportation of goods and people to very distant places. Electricity also revolutionized the production sector of the world, making manufacturing much more easy and steady simply because of adequate power supply.

Taking it further the 20th century also witnessed an enormous surge of inventions like the global system for mobile communication (GSM), the internet and computer which has succeeded in bridging the gap in communication. Thereby making the world a global village. Concept like globalization would not have been possible to achieve without the invention of GSM, Internet, and computer.

In this our present dispensation which is the 21st century, a lot of giant strides have been made and achieved when it comes to technology and inventions. Importance of invention like the Facebook can never be over emphasized. Facebook has entirely revolutionized our mode of communication.

Other technological innovations such as Wi-Fi, smartphones, online banking, GPS, flat-screen TVs, digital cameras have really made life easy and comfortable. These days it’s now possible for us to make purchases and payment from the comfort of our homes, thanks to online banking and shopping. GPS which means global positioning system, has made it possible for people to navigate places, towns, and cities they are not familiar with.

So the days of one getting lost in big cities, is now a thing of the past thanks to the emergence of GPS. So technology and innovation has really become a blessing to mankind and will continue to be. Everyday new technologies and innovation are spring up, people are coming up with new and efficient ways of doing things.

With all these being said we will be looking at certain technologies and innovations that are going to change how we do things and the world in general.

  • 5G: 5G which is also called 5th generation technology for broad band network is definitely one of the technologies that can change the world especially our use of the Internet. 5G offers a greater download speed of about 10gigabytes per seconds. In addition to that it has an increased and efficient bandwidth in comparison to its predecessors. For better user experience secure your 5G network using nolog vpn . 5G is expected to increase efficiency in virtually all aspect of life, from online banking and shopping, to transportation, education and the rest.
  • NFT: NFT which means non-fungible token is a digital asset that represent real-world objects like art, music, video games, digital contents and so on. NFT although has similarities with crypto-currency, it is not entirely crypto. NFT in the nearest future has the potential of actually overtaking crypto-currency as a lucrative avenue for making money. With the introduction of NFT people can now sell their intellectual properties, in the form of art and make money from it.
  • SELF-DRIVING CARS: Self-driving cars which is also known as autonomous vehicles(AV) are cars with the ability of successfully driving themselves without any human intervention or support. 30years ago nobody would have actually believed that an invention such as this would be possible, but today is becoming an achievable reality. companies like Tesla, Kia-Hyundai, Ford, Ouster are taking the lead role the actualization of this giant stride. So what it means is that a time will come when individuals will only have to enter their cars and it would drive them to their desired destination.
  • SMART HOMES: Smart homes are another innovation that will change the real estate sector of the world. Smart home in its simplest definition can be said to be an electronic home where most of its vital features, are connected to and controlled by a central smart hub called the “gate”. It is from this hub that the lights, doors, windows, curtains, heaters, air conditions, smart TVs and other features of the house are controlled. The smart home market as at 2020 had a market value of 12.81 billion dollars.
  • HYPERLOOP TRAINS: this is a special kind of train proposed by Elon musk back in August 2013, in his Hyperloop Alpha paper. It is a train that has the ability to travel in a super Sonic speed averaging up to 700miles per hour. It will be two times faster than high-speed trains, what this means is that it will drastically reduce the amount of time spent on long-distance journeys.
  • GREEN TECHNOLOGY: In a time when there is a global call towards raising awareness for global warming and continuous depletion of our ecosystems. Green technology seems to be the only lasting solution to it.
  • MICROCHIPS IMPLANT: Finally, this is one technology and invention that in my opinion, will not only change the world, it would also change how we do things and live our life.

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