Sunpower New Energy: A Leading Lithium Cell Manufacturer

Sunpower New Energy: A Leading Lithium Cell Manufacturer

Are you in search of a reliable lithium cell supplier? Look no further than Sunpower New Energy! Sunpower New Energy is one of China’s largest lithium cell manufacturers, producing a wide range of high-capacity lithium cells for wholesale customers worldwide. Founded in 2014, Sunpower aims to be an industry leader in innovative battery technology and reliable product quality.

Product Advantages

Sunpower’s lithium cells offer customers several advantages:

  1. Using cells from Sunpower New Energy lithium cell manufacturers can improve the overall performance of customers’ products. The cells use advanced chemicals and materials, and through continuous technological iteration and optimization, they have stable and reliable performance. When embedded in customers’ products, they can provide higher capacity, a longer usage time, a longer cycle life, etc. to meet customers’ growing needs.
  2. The high quality of Sunpower cells can reduce customers’ after-sales service costs. The company strictly controls the production process and quality standards, with the stability and consistency of various performance indexes far exceeding the industry average. The high reliability of the cells greatly reduces the fault rate, effectively reducing the number of repairs and returns during customers’ product use.
  3. Sunpower New Energy lithium cell manufacturers can customize cells according to customers’ specific needs. The company has a professional R&D team that understands performance requirements in different application scenarios and can customize cells with cool shapes, high charge/discharge cycle life, ultra-long battery life, etc. according to customer requirements, ultimately empowering customers’ products to create an industry advantage.


Sunpower New Energy is committed to providing excellent lithium cell solutions and superior customer service. The company adheres to strict quality control and management practices to ensure product consistency and reliability.

With rich experience and a dedication to innovation, Sunpower aims to become one of the world’s premier lithium cell manufacturers, continuously improving its products and processes to supply customers with the best high-capacity lithium cells.

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