Study in Cairns, Australia: 3 Excellent English Schools

Young people already know of a rule of the labor market: those who are fluent in English are one step ahead of the other in job selections. Even if the student has attended English courses in their homeland, the lack of intimacy and opportunity to use the language ends up “locking” many people in time to put into practice the language at the professional level.

To fill this gap in the curriculum, young people are increasingly seeking to study abroad, and the city of Cairns, a paradise of natural beauty in Australia’s north-west, is a great option.

Are you looking for the adventure of your life? Learn more about the history, climate, population and English schools available for exchanges in Cairns, Australia.

Meet Cairns, paradise in Australia

Have you ever thought about waking up every day in a tropical paradise? It would be the realization of a lot of people’s dreams, wouldn’t it?

In Cairns, which lies in the far north of the Australian state of Queensland, you can live in one of the most beautiful places in Oceania and still qualify your fluency in English.

In addition to the great schools specialized in teaching the language to foreigners, you will find a sea of crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, splendid nature and an environment conducive to sports. Is there a better quality of life than that?


The city of Cairns was founded in 1876, in a region where in antiquity lived the native inhabitants known as Yirrganydji and Yidinji. It is possible to know about the culture, rites, beliefs, art and languages of these peoples, as there are many references and places in the city whose names are heritages of the early Cairns.


The city has about 160,000 inhabitants, who bear many similarities with Brazilians. The local population is reputed to be extremely friendly and cheerful, welcoming visitors and foreign students well. It is common for people to welcome others with a big smile and always very willing to help. A great place to make new friends and build lasting relationships.


Cairns’ climate is tropical and there are no major temperature variations during the year. Even in winter it is possible to enjoy days of pleasant weather and even with sun. There are only two seasons a year: summers (From November to May), which are rainy and very hot, and dry winters with mild temperatures.

Natural beauties

This region of Cairns is known as the gateway to the “Great Barrier Reef”, a natural formation of more than 2,500 km long, which enchants by the diversity of species and attracts divers from all over the world, who want to see with their own eyes the multicolored corals.

The city has miles of beautiful beaches, which have good infrastructure of hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants. Highlights include Palm Cove Beach, Shorncliffe Beach and Trinity Beach.

Another tourist spot that can not fail to receive a visit is the Daintree Forest, where it is possible to see exotic animals and that exist only there, such as arboreal kangaroos, prehistoric birds and colorful butterflies.

Did you feel like studying English and living in the beautiful Cairns region? Next you will know the 3 best language schools located in this paradise of Australia.

3 English schools in Cairns

  1. OHC English

International network of English schools, OHC English has a unit located in the central area of Cairns. The school has courses with varied durations, which fit the specific needs of each student.  Classes are also offered to help prepare for the IELTS exam.

To promote integration among students, the school offers a lively barbecue every Friday. It is also possible to combine English classes with various leisure activities in the region, such as diving, rafting, bungee jumping and tours with your class.

This Australia educational institution provides assistance when choosing a dormitory, which are in the most disputed areas of the city.

  1. Cairns College of English & Business

A school specialising in English language teaching to foreign students, Cairns College of English & Business has just moved to a new office, which gives the student greater comfort and access to the latest language teaching.

The school has courses lasting from 1 to 52 weeks, which reinforce the practice of the language all the time. Preparatory classes for proficiency exams such as Cambridge and IELTS are also available.

There is a rule in the institution where the only language allowed in conversations is English, which makes the experience a total immersion in learning.

The teaching structure of the institution has 18 classrooms, qualified teachers, variety of activities, computers and smart boards, in addition to having Wi-Fi, kitchen, cafeteria, a café and living areas.

  1. Sun Pacific College

Located on Kewarra Beach, SPC has 17 years of experience teaching English to foreign students. Classes are started every week and are customized according to the student’s level of knowledge.  The courses are up to 1 year long and develop the four main pillars of the language: reading, writing, listening and conversation.

The school’s teaching method uses digital media such as interactive whiteboard, computers, audios and videos in conjunction with reading books and support materials online.

It is also possible to prepare for proficiency exams, take courses that combine tourism and learning and even enjoy programs developed for parents and children.

The school offers dormitories on campus, which makes life easier for young students, who have all the infrastructure to live an unforgettable season. The institution encourages students of different nationalities to divide their rooms so that the practice of English is 24 hours a day.

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