Solutions to Stress and Pressure: Prescriptive, Complementary, and Alternative Methods

Stress and pressure are among the most frustrating and disorganizing feelings out there. Despite its fundamentally psychiatric roots, it tends to extend repercussions to our physical well-being. Loss of appetite, lack of sleep, and physical harm are common extended effects of stress and pressure. Numerous sources of stress and pressure may span personal, social, and professional affairs. Luckily, there are multiple ways of dealing with stress and pressure to ensure that you may have a solution that is most accessible and practicable to you.


Naturally, there are no specific and direct medications for stress and pressure. However, some medicines may help manage, reduce, or even eliminate its underlying signs and symptoms. Primarily, doctors may prescribe sleeping pills or minor tranquilizers. This type of medication especially helps if stress and pressure massively hinder your rest or sleep schedules. Secondly, you may also be prescribed antidepressants. This medication benefits those suffering from depression or anxiety alongside stress and pressure. Finally, there may be cases where stress and pressure manifest themselves through physical ailments. In such cases, doctors may prescribe you various medicines to deal with things like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or high blood pressure. Prescriptive solutions are your most supervised and direct methods of addressing the issue precisely because you are often in the care of certified professionals and are often prescribed well-established medications. Notwithstanding, there are instances where prescriptive solutions prove to be insufficient or ineffective. And as such, there are other ways you can deal with stress and pressure.


Aptly named, these solutions are often employed in coordination with prescriptive medicines. This may include acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, tai chi, and meditation. These activities often support prescribed medical drugs because they tend to be relaxing and stress-relieving. They are characterized by slow, continuous, or repetitive techniques, such as erratic, sudden, and uncontrolled movements. In most cases, pairing prescription medication with other complementary methods produces favorable results for patients.


There may be instances where patients find industrial medication methods insufficient or ineffective. After all, the human body reacts differently to various medications, which may not indicate absolute or conclusive results throughout the patient demographic. In situations like these, patients are advised to explore alternative solutions. Often outside the realm of pharmaceutical and medical applications, these alternatives are usually exploratory or experimental and may hugely differ case-to-case basis. Examples include cannabis-based medicines such as CBD and THC pills, oils, or supplements that aid in calming and relaxing the patients and is especially beneficial for seizure cases. Other examples take the form of herbal remedies usually related to traditional and cultural roots. Nevertheless, these alternatives are continuously employed because they are more accessible and affordable than industrial solutions. However, caution is advised in using these medications to avoid unnecessary health complications following treatment.

It can be argued that dealing with stress and pressure is a highly personal affair. Despite general conclusions regarding the sources and remedies of stress, real-world cases suggest that these may not be universally applicable or effective. Additionally, stress and pressure underlie a field of study that is yet to be concluded with certainty. Other treatment methods are continuously welcome as long as they are employed with caution and care. It is essential to understand that stress and pressure solutions are often cases of trial and error. What works for you may not apply to anyone else. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to lose hope. Instead, it acts as a drive and motivation to reimagine ways of solving problems that may benefit not only you but other people as well.


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