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For professional soccer bettors or those new to this sport, it is impossible not to learn about the term score betting. To better understand this term as well as how to apply it to soccer betting, let’s join Nhà Cái Hi88 Find out now in the article below.

What is a score bet?

Score bet or soccer score bet is a term that refers to the betting player’s opinion on the score between teams in the same match. In addition, soccer experts will also offer many different predictions for many other players to refer to.

When participating in soccer betting, each player has their own bookie. This bookmaker will also offer different odds. And the difference between the bets is not much different, ensuring the opportunity for the player, the score bet can be a handicap of 1 or even half a goal.

This is a form of online soccer betting, more convenient with the presence of the bookmaker. Furthermore, players can also bet at home, unlike before. With a phone or computer device with internet and just a few simple steps, players can successfully place bets.

Simple instructions for reading score odds

Even though the score odds are just numbers, players need to understand the internal connection to monitor and analyze and come up with the most appropriate betting odds. Score bets are often offered in 3 types of bets as below

Over/under odds

Over-Under, English Over-Under (O/U), this is a type of score bet where the house makes a prediction before each match, the player will bet on that number. Or many long-time players, also known as top and bottom.

People will often come across numbers when reading over/under odds such as 2, 2-2.5; 2,5-3… but I don’t understand what it means. Players can play over/under odds with many things. When betting, the house will display the over/under odds according to the total number of goals to be scored, the total number of cards or the total number of corners in each match… Diversity This depends on the characteristics of each house, players need to learn before participating.

Over/Under bet 0 balls:

  • When choosing Over, if the result of the soccer match is 1 ball, you will win
  • Choose under, if the result is 0, then it’s a draw
  • If you choose Over, if the result is 0, you lose

The over/under bet of 0.25 is also known as the ¼ bet

  • Choose Over, if the upper team wins, you win
  • If you choose Over, if the result is a draw then you win
  • If you choose under, the result will be a draw or if the upper team wins, you lose the bet

Over/under bet 0.5

  • If you choose Over, if the upper team wins, the bet wins
  • Choose over, the lower team wins and loses
  • When two teams are tied, whoever bets under will win.

Over/under bet 0.75

  • If you choose Over, the top team wins by 2 goals or more then the bet wins
  • If you choose the over team to win 1 goal, the bet wins and you get half the bet
  • If you bet Over, if the lower team wins, you lose the bet.

Over/under bet 1 ball

  • If you choose Under, if the result is a draw, you win the bet
  • Choose the over team to win 2 goals then the bet wins

The types of over/under bets 1, 2, 3, left are similar. When players read this score bet, they choose over when the result has more than 2 or 3 goals. If they choose under, the match result must be less than 2 or more to have a chance to win. Just by understanding the 1 goal score bet, everyone can deduce other bets.

This form of over/under betting is very popular, usually based on the total number of goals scored. For example, when betting on the score 3-2, total goals 5. When betting, the player does not need to care about which team will win or which team will score. Just focus on whether the total goals scored by both teams will exceed the score bet provided by the bookmaker.

As for betting options, players must monitor the status of the participating teams and evaluate the overall situation. If the status of the teams is not good and there is no chance of winning, you should bet on the under.

And note that each football match will only count the official playing time and overtime but will not count extra time or penalty shootouts. If the player does not keep up with the time for the whole match, they can choose to bet on each round to catch up on time and opportunity.

Asian Handicap

This score bet is supported by many players, this type of bet is often called Handicap, Handicap… When playing Asian handicap, players will learn about the difference in strength of the two teams in a football match. .

Each bookmaker that offers handicap odds will see what the handicap ratio of the strong team is compared to the weaker team. Handicap calculation time is only 90 minutes of official match time. Asian odds with many handicaps, the smallest is 0.25.

Ball odds (0 balls)With this score, the bookmaker believes that the two teams have equal strength, so the result showing this equality is a tie. If a player bets on any team and the result is that team wins, he or she will receive the winnings.

Half ball bet (0.25 left) In this bet, the bookie believes that the strong team will accept half the left for the weak team. When players bet on the strong team to win or bet on a draw, they will lose money. If the lower team wins, the bet wins. As for the amount of bet received, it depends on the number of lost or won balls.

Half ball bet (0.5 goals): The bet predicts that the stronger team will accept the weaker team by 0.5 goals. When betting, if the top team wins and the result is that the top team wins 2 or more balls, it will win all the bet money. If the top team only wins 1 ball, then half the bet will be paid. When the match is a draw or the upper team loses, the player loses the bet.

Half one handicap (0.75 balls): In this bet, the player who bets on the upper team wins if the result is 2 or more balls, or if they win 1 or more balls, they win the bet. If the upper team loses or draws with the lower team, the player loses the bet.

Handicap 1 goal: The player bets on the upper team, if the upper team wins 2 goals or 1 goal, they will win the bet, different payout levels. If the team above loses or the score is equal, the player loses the bet.

To be able to choose and bet on which team will win, players must observe the team and choose bets that are relatively similar and not too different. Because teams with too large of a difference will have quite high odds. Players must check the Odds and they will decrease quickly before the match takes place. This is quite unusual so players need to consider.

European odds

This type of score bet is also a type of bet often chosen by players and appears often on the odds table provided by the house. This type of bet is easy to understand and easy to play, players do not have to consider many things like when playing over/under or Asian odds.

The house will give the score with 3 different rates, players only need to choose 1 of these 3 scores to get it, including win, loss, draw. When reading the odds, players do not need to pay attention to the score, they only need to care about the match result.

On the scoreboard, there will be three vertical rows corresponding to 3 rates, the home team’s symbol is 1, the away team’s is 2 and x is the symbol when the two teams are tied. You just need to choose a bet, and when you win, you will win money corresponding to the amount you bet.

When reading European odds, players should consciously choose to see the difference between teams. Don’t easily fall into the trap because many bookmakers will offer odds with a high winning rate but the difference is too large compared to the team’s actual strength.

At the same time, you must grasp every opportunity, choose the right time to bet to make the correct choice, without regret.

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How to use the house odds table

Before every football match, there are always constant fluctuations, changing every minute and every hour. When betting, players need to pay attention and follow the odds table to not miss these fluctuations.

Reputable bookmakers always provide pre-match scores and regularly update comprehensive information for players to follow. Therefore, before each match, the odds can change up or down. Players who do not see and understand the odds table will have difficulty making accurate betting decisions.

For upcoming matches, they will be gray-green, this will be the section that displays all the matches that will take place during the day. You should clearly distinguish between types of bets to avoid getting the wrong score, causing unnecessary regrets.

Choose reputable odds providers to get odds tables with clear, intuitive display content. Easily capture fluctuations on the field such as red cards, yellow cards, injuries…

To search faster, everyone should open a web browser and use the shortcut “Ctrl + F” to search for the exact bet on the team you want to bet on. Guaranteed to be both fast and accurate, without wasting time having to manually scroll up and down.

And the score bet is an opinion bet, players should only take it as reference and should not believe it completely. Every betting decision needs to be based on searching and collecting information so that the player can control the bet.

Experience in betting on soccer scores most effectively

Some experiences to share with everyone to help everyone bet on accurate scores.

Choose a big football tournament: Big football tournaments always attract a large number of players, the bookmaker must be of great caliber and help players have a greater chance of winning. Therefore, players should choose strong matches like the World Cup

Choose teams with equivalent strength: Teams with too big a difference in performance may have unexpected events that you may not expect. And when two teams have similar strength, it will be easier for players to find the odds faster.

Practice to gain experience: Players can improve by participating in fantasy prediction matches, without actually participating in betting but you will still give yourself the odds. At the same time, cultivate more knowledge about matches and tournaments to learn about the strength of the teams.

Seize opportunities promptly: Players need to grasp the timing and analyze and evaluate developments accurately. You should only bet about 2-4 matches to choose the matches with advantages.

Choose for yourself now reputable bookmaker to help make each betting decision safer. You will not be cheated or have your bet stolen. The situation of many bookmakers cheating players or stealing money has also happened quite a lot.

Advantages of Hi88 scoreboard

Hi88 is professional bookmaker, offers many betting services bet different. Ensuring all shared information sources are accurate and reliable to help players achieve achievements when playing at Hi88.

All updated information is searched and selected by experts, has an extremely high level of reliability and safety. Providing players with all score bets from different big and small matches. So players can follow their favorite matches and have many options for players to choose from.

In addition, Hi88 also updates a lot of information related to the team, members on the field, achievements, and match history that are useful for players to refer to. And players can not only participate in betting on scores but can also participate in many other forms of entertainment provided by Hi88.

Above is the information that Hi88 shares with everyone involved score bet, how to read and experience betting correctly to win big bets in every football match. To participate in betting, everyone can visit Hi88, don’t forget to follow us because we will update everyone with more useful content.

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