Shipping a Car State to State: Understanding Your Options

Moving a vehicle between states can be a difficult task – especially if you don’t have someone to help you with the transport and you own multiple cars, trucks, or SUVs. And this is only one reason why you’d consider shipping a car state-to-state.

Regardless of whether you’ve recently added a new vehicle to your collection and purchased from an out-of-state dealer, or you’re relocating and your driving time is reserved for navigating the moving truck, or a number of other scenarios, attempting to quarterback an interstate vehicle transfer can be tricky. In many situations, pulling this task off might require additional equipment or licensed drivers – both of which aren’t always readily available on short notice.

If you need to get a vehicle from one state to another, you have multiple options on the table. Luckily, Autostar Transport is always available to help you with all of your vehicle relocation needs – whether it’s a neighboring state or you’re moving from one coast to the other. Before deciding the most efficient way of shipping a car state-to-state, you’ll need to consider several factors – including your budget, time constraints, weather, and the number of additional hands you’ll need to assist.

In the section below, we break down the process to give you a better idea of what your potential solution might look like and why choosing a reliable transportation company is almost always a win-win situation.

Shipping a Car State-to-State: Understanding Your Options

As much as you’ve dreaded making the decision, the time has come for you to put a plan in motion for getting your vehicle from State A to State B. What are the most viable options that you can count on to give you the least amount of headaches?

Drive It Yourself

Depending on the final destination for your vehicle, driving your car state-to-state might be the most simple and cost-effective solution. The only investment required is the fuel costs and a little – or a lot, of your time – depending on how many states lay between the beginning and end of your trek.

If you’re already dedicated to driving the moving truck or have nobody else who can man the wheel, driving your vehicle is probably out of the question. Time is also a major factor. If you’re on the East Coast, cruising through two or three states might only take a few hours. However, if your journey is through the Midwest or West Coast – or from the Atlantic to the Pacific, you’re faced with a substantial increase in driving time.

Running the gauntlet from one coast to the other takes roughly four days – and that’s IF you’re doing a steady amount of driving. Without someone to help you drive in shifts, that timeline isn’t a safe option – so you should count on anywhere from five to seven days if you’re making the trip solo and giving yourself plenty of time to rest. So, if your move is equal to roughly half this distance, you’re still looking at three or four days. Driving your car state-to-state means you have someone else handling your cargo – so you’re paying a moving company to handle it – in which case you’d need to arrive around the same time as your possessions.

The ideal scenario would entail caravaning with a significant other or family member, allowing you to take the journey in synch and arrive simultaneously. But – if you own more than one vehicle, this isn’t feasible. If you want to drive your vehicle state-to-state yourself and it’s a considerable distance – the stars need to align, and you’ll need some time on your hands.

Pulling Your Car Using a Tow Dolly

This might be a more practical scenario and requires less assistance from multiple parties. However, you’ll want to be certain that you’re familiar with the intricacies of towing something behind a large truck. This means hooking it up, unhooking it, and being comfortable with your ability to drive safely on the interstate. Your mobility and accessibility will also be more restricted – be mindful of this whenever you stop, as you won’t be able to just whip into any old parking spot.

Hiring Someone to Drive Your Vehicle

You could potentially hire a family member or close friend to drive your car – but this entails a significant amount of trust, along with some rearranging of the specifics of your insurance policy. You’ll also need to foot the bill for their transportation back, along with their expenses along the way.

Professional driving services offer one-man transportation services that provide you with an experienced driver to take the wheel and move your car for you. However – how comfortable will you be allowing a stranger to drive your vehicle for an extended period? These services usually come with a fairly hefty bill, as the driver must be compensated for their time, expenses, fuel, and, of course – return transportation in the form of a one-way airline ticket.

In certain situations, you could make a case for any of these options. But there’s one method that’s convenient no matter the length of the trip, plus it gives you multiple solutions to accommodate your budget and time commitments.

Shipping a Car from State to State Using a Professional Transportation Service

Choosing a reputable carrier service to ship your car from state to state can be the ideal solution in almost any scenario. Most organizations provide multiple carrying options, including open car transport. You’ve probably seen these on the interstate making moves for auto dealerships – they’re the giant trailers with doubled stacks of cars – usually ten, to be exact.

Closed car transport provides your vehicle with an enclosed trailer, offering maximum protection for your car. This helps avoid any potential damage from inclement weather, rocks, and any other potential road hazards that could damage the body and paint.

A flatbed is essentially a large tow truck – your car sits flat on the bed of a large diesel truck and is usually winched to ensure stability and avoid sliding. This could be the ideal method for shorter journeys.

Preparing for Transport

Preparing for a carrier service is simple – you call for a quote, set up the details, book the service, set up a pickup and drop time and location, and prepare your vehicle. Remove any personal items from your car and disable any alarms or additional accessories you’ve installed. You can either have the carrier pickup directly from your door and drop it off at your new address, or you can arrange for vehicle holding at a terminal if you plan on taking additional time.

Choose a Company You Can Trust

Shipping your car from state to state is simple when you choose a reputable company with plenty of experience. Autostar Transport is capable of accommodating nearly any schedule and shipping scenario, bringing nearly two decades of service in the auto shipping industry to the table. If you plan on shipping a car from state to state, learn more about the different transportation services available for your journey.

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