RNG and Its Role in Online Slots

Throughout the history of gaming, players may have come to know and worship (or curse) something known as RNG. On one hand, it may be a reason for the player to rejoice. On the other hand, it may only lead to disappointment.

This is also true for online casinos. Considering RNG is an integral part of the way online casinos work, you’ll hardly find an avid casino player who doesn’t understand what it means. Some even know how RNG works for you (or against you) in certain games, all the way down to a formula.

However, if you don’t know what RNG is or why it’s important in online casinos, allow us to introduce you to it. If you’d like to do some research before accepting free spins on Indian casinos, we’ll explain exactly why this number is important in terms of slot machines.

What is RNG?

The abbreviation RNG means Random Number Generation. RNG is a process during which a computer, most often a Random Number Generator, pulls a sequence of different numbers or symbols. However, this sequence is usually a result of random chance and there’s no way to predict it.

RNG has its uses in many industries and computer tasks. For example, a company holding a giveaway or raffle relies on RNG to fairly decide the winner. This is because any number in the selection pool has an equal chance to be selected.

Some attribute RNG to luck. If you’re lucky, the RNG will pull out a favorable number for you in whatever game you’re playing.

This is what constitutes a luck-based game in online casinos. However, in luck-based online casino games, it’s important to note that you cannot affect the outcome at all. On the other hand, skill-based games are games where your decisions and playstyles matter and they affect the outcome regardless of the RNG.

How does RNG work in slots?

In online slot machines, RNG is responsible for choosing three numbers that will appear on the screen once you pull the lever. Each number corresponds to a different symbol on the slot machine’s reels. The computer then calculates which number corresponds to which symbol and displays them accordingly.

All this ensures that the player receives a fair chance at winning once they pull the lever. If the slot machine’s code has been tampered with in any way, the slot machine will rarely, if ever, return winning results.

There is little way – or reason – to rig a slot machine, so you don’t have to worry too much about that part. However, just the fact that you’re losing a lot doesn’t mean that the slot machine has been tampered with.

Slot machines usually have a certain RTP (return to player) rate which you can find if you look up the exact slots you’re playing. Another factor to look out for is the slots’ volatility rate. Therefore, the trick with online slots isn’t really spinning a lot, it’s finding the best slots to spin.

What types of RNG are there?

You might not believe that there are different types of RNGs, but we can distinguish two of them. These types are TRNG (True RNG) and PRNG (Pseudo RNG). Although they both generate random numbers, what differentiates them is the way they do it.

TRNG is specific in the fact that it doesn’t need a seed value generator. Algorithms also have no effect on it. It generates random numbers through a mechanical process. Also, the numbers it generates are completely impossible to predict.

On the other hand, a PRNG is a software algorithm. It requires producing a seed, which is a value or condition that determines the random number sequence. Unlike the TRNG, it does not require any mechanical process to generate numbers. However, if you know the PRNG’s seed number as well as the algorithm it operates on, you could determine which combination of numbers you’re going to get. It’s important to note that this is nearly impossible to achieve, so it makes no real difference in the end.

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