Online Casino Australia’s Watchdog Announces BetStop Tool

Online gambling is definitely a popular theme in Australia, with its residents have been consistently ranked the world’s highest punters. However, it comes as no surprise that gambling-related issues are also a hot topic among Australians. 

To help people cope with gaming addiction, Australia’s communications watchdog is to launch a new tool, BetStop. Under the new rules, all Aus customers will have an opportunity to register themselves once they notice any signs of gambling addiction. Let’s explore some of the main factors lying behind this self-registration platform.

Over 80% Of AU Punters Engage in Gambling

According to statistics, more than 80% of adults in AU engage in some form of gaming activity. Out of that number, 9.1% have experienced at least some gambling-related harm, and about 6% have been harmed by a close person’s wagering habits. Signs and symptoms may include:

  • having significant influence on the sleep cycle;
  • feeling completely out of control;
  • wagering more than they can afford;
  • feeling restless when they try to cut down on gaming;
  • hiding evidence of their gaming activities;

These are the five most common signs that someone tends to compulsive gaming. If you are wondering whether you have any addiction.

Because of the unlikeable harm rates, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which is behind the Communications Authority initiative, has been working to establish a self-exclusion online casino Australia register on a national level.

The ACMA Will Help Players Self-Exclude

Australia’s communications watchdog is introducing a new national self-exclusion platform to help Australians at risk take a break from their gambling activities. While the register is going to be available by the end of 2022, ACMA is confident that it can bring better overall protection to players in the country.

Apart from it, AU players also need to be attentive while choosing from a variety of gaming platforms to not get into trouble. OnlineCasinoAussie experts have carefully selected the top 5 online casinos Australia so that players know where to win real money.

What is BetStop?

BetStop is a free registry scheme, which the main objective is to help Aussie players at risk stop gambling for a certain period. In practice, this means the said person won’t be allowed to gamble at a particular operator for a specific amount of time. According to, it will offer a variety of periods for self-exclusion in a range between three months and forever.

Once a person has entered a self-exclusion platform, it’s not easy to get out of it, and the nature of gambling is the major cause behind it. BetStop will also offer the option for AU punters to use multi-operator schemes and register up to five people that can support them during the self-exclusion amount of time.

How Does BetStop Work?

For the time being, Aus gamblers that are experiencing gaming-related problems can contact their betting venues directly and ask for a period of exclusion as they see fit 10 best mobile casinos. Online casinos in Australia have been informed about the new rules regarding the self-registration platform.

That way, a single request to self-exclude should prevent players from gaming on all platforms that offer the same type of service and removes the need to exclude from every venue separately. Also, they will be obliged to include information about BetStop on their sites, mobile apps, and marketing or promotional materials, among others.

Once a self-registration agreement is reached, the operator is required to close the player’s account and not offer any gambling activities to them. Also, their name and personal information should be removed from any database a website uses, with all the remaining funds returned.

In the end, it’s up to players to adhere to their self-registration scheme. Anyway, if they try to gamble after self-exclusion, the gaming operator will take action to prevent them from doing so.

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