Logo KUBET changing - New Attractive Version

Logo KUBET changing – New Attractive Version

Kubet recently launched a brand new logo. Along with that is the updated interface with extremely attractive features. So what are those features? What’s so special about this update? Let’s find out more details with the admin in the next content.

General introduction about the Kubet bookie

Before learning about new updates and features. Surely many people are curious, what is kubet and why is it so popular?

Kubet is a bookmaker with a big name in the betting market. This bookie has an international scale and operates overseas. However, it is loved and chosen by many Vietnamese people. Because, kubet designed a website specifically for Vietnamese people. Make sure to suit the tastes and preferences of Vietnamese people.

First of all, the interface of the bookie must be mentioned. Although the website is designed abroad. But the entire interface is in Vietnamese and the layout and arrangement of categories are suitable for Vietnamese people. Make sure all Vietnamese players can easily observe and betting.

Secondly, it is necessary to mention the betting service KUBET has. At kubet, players will experience the most popular forms of betting around the world. What casino in real life, kubet will have more like that. Specifically, with only 1 kubet account, you will experience the betting games: Sports betting (all sports), Online Casino (All card games and other casino games), Lottery online (lottery and other live lottery games), shooting fish, Slot Game, 3d games (3d casino, shooting fish, 3d lottery),…

Most especially, all betting games at the kubet bookie are played livestream at the casino. With the guide and control of the top trained Mc and dealers. Along with that, all cameras will be arranged with the clearest and sharpest angles. Ensure the results of each betting game will be more transparent and exact than ever.

The safety and transparency factor of the Kubet bookie

Another thing that makes the famous name is safety and transparency. This is an extremely important factor for online betting sites. It is known that kubet currently has the largest number of Vietnamese players on the market.

Specifically, Kubet is licensed to operate legally in the online betting industry. With headquarters located in the Philippines, one of the countries that allows this industry to operate. Therefore, when you play games online on your phone at the Kubet bookie. You can be assured of safety and security.

At kubet, all security factors are given top priority. Therefore, all information provided by members to the kubet will be preserved with the most advanced technology. For comparison during deposit, withdrawal and reward payment.

Above are a few general introductions about the Kubet bookie. In the next section, we will learn about the changes and updates of kubet.

Logo of Kubet changes – Update the new themes

Recently, some players have some questions about the new logo of the Kubet. It is known that the system has arranged and changed a new logo. This causes a novel and more interesting feeling to the kubet interface. On the other hand, this can also be an act to avoid fake bookmakers operating in the market. However, both the old and new logos of the Kubet bookie work in parallel. Therefore, when you visit the home page of the kubet and see that the old logo is still active. Don’t worry, it’s all the same system and still working properly.

Kubet changes interface – Update new features

Recently, kubet has completely changed the interface of its homepage. Kubet always puts the user experience first. This site has always listened to the thoughts and opinions of players. From there, launch the most beautiful interface, the most reasonable layout. Help players have the most satisfying experience in the betting on site.

Specifically, the old interface will be changed, the entire toolbar will be moved to the left side of the screen and the betting games will be divided into different categories. This allows players to choose and search for betting games easier. Below will be detailed information about the game categories that Kubet provides.

The hottest list of the Kubet bookie

This is the place to gather the hottest games and betting halls at the Kubet. Here, you will experience the products with the largest number of players. The layout of the Hot category is on the top, helping players quickly choose the games they want. Also as an introduction to new players. Help newcomers to grasp what is the most well-received product.

Specifically in the Hottest category kubet will have the following products.

The Ku casino betting hall

The Ku casino betting hall is a familiar name in the betting market. Ku Casino is the only and exclusive betting hall in the market for online Casino. Why say Ku casino is the most exclusive betting hall? Because, here will provide online casino. All casino games will be played directly at the casino. Controlling the game will be Vietnamese dealers. Bring the most transparency and clarity to the betting results. This is also the strength that makes the name of the kubet bookie.

Some of the betting games offered by Ku casino are as follows: Poker, Baccarat, Ngầu hầm, Ba Tay, Tài xỉu, Chẵn Lẻ, Sicbo, Roulette, Trac Kim Hoa, … and many other live casino games.

Another important thing that players need to grasp. Ku casino is the website with the highest payout and return rates on the betting market.

Lottery Ku Betting Hall

Lottery is an indispensable form of betting in the market. At Kubet, Ku Lottery will provide all bets at the lottery. In it, there will be a lottery for all 3 North, Central and South regions. In addition to providing popular bets such as lotto. Players can also experience new and special bets that are not available in outside lottery.

On the other hand, the Ku lottery is also known as the betting hall with the highest payout ratio at this time. With a ratio of 1 to 99k, it will certainly be an opportunity for players to bring in the most valuable profits.

>> https://kubet88.win/soi-cau-xsmn-kubet-hom-nay/

Ku Lottery also offers other attractive live online lottery games. These are also exclusive and unique betting games only available at Kubet. Lottery live kubet will have a lot of different content, in which each game will have a bonus opening time of 3 minutes each period. The system will not limit the number of bets. With 3 minutes each period, players can freely bet the day to bring the highest chance of winning.

Sports kubet betting hall

Sports betting is definitely an indispensable betting hall for football enthusiasts. However, with KU sports, football is not the only subject that offers bets. Players will be able to participate and offer bets on all sports with tournaments. Even the smallest tournament will be provided with full bets. This is an opportunity for you to both support your favorite team and bring in high-value bonuses.

In the KU sports, you will be able to place some interesting bets that outside bettings sports halls do not have. Specifically, there will be some bets such as: Handicap, Over Under, European Handicap, Throw-in, Corner, Yellow Card,… All these bets, not only apply to football betting. Which with all sports will be offered the same bets as above.

A special thing in kubet sports betting. That is, the player will be provided with a channel to watch the match you bet on. Not only can you experience exciting matches, but also watch the match live for free. It can be said that this is an extremely preeminent feature that kubet offers to members.

Category 3D Games

In a bookie, when providing online casino. Definitely indispensable 3D betting games. This category will bring casino games, Slot Games, lotto with 3D interface. Although it is a 3D image, it also realistically simulates and details real-life casinos. At 3D game, players will be able to participate in games such as: Xóc đĩa, baccarat, 3 trees, dragon tiger, lotto, sicbo, roulette,Makes banker, slots,…

The reason 3D games have a large number of players is because of their compactness and simplicity. With a 3D interface, the internet connection, even if it is weak, can still be displayed smoothly. Along with that, 3D games have a very low minimum bet. Suitable for new players, need to get used to how to bet.

Movie catalog

The movie catalog will provide the sharpest full hd 18+ titles. These are selected and licensed movies. Therefore, players will be able to follow the most attractive, hot and exclusive movie titles. This can be said to be a gift that the Kubet bookie gives to its members. Because, there will be no bookie that offers attractive offers and services like kubet.

Category Cool in live

This continues to be a gift that the kubet bookie wants to give to members. Cool in live is a TV channel that provides all sports matches from big to small. Not just a free sports channel, That accompanies the players are hot and sexy MC. Players can both betting and watch their favorite matches. Simultaneously chat, interact with hot MCs and other players.

Above are the attractive products in the hottest list of kubet bookies. Let’s explore the remaining categories with admin.

Live casino kubet

Here will provide the largest casino betting halls in the country. In addition to Ku casino is the betting hall introduced in the content above. You can try other betting halls such as WM, Evo, DG,.. however, only Ku casino offers online casinos.

Shoot Fish

Shooting fish is a fairly familiar betting game for Vietnamese players. Shooting kubet fish in particular and shooting fish games in general have similar rules. Players will control the gun and aim to shoot fish on their phone. In the kubet shooting list, there are many different betting halls for members to choose from. Don’t forget to try your hand at shooting fish in 3D provided by the kubet bookie.

E – Sports Kubet

E-sports is probably still a new name for many players. Because, most players will only know about popular sports such as football, badminton, table tennis, basketball, tennis, … However, E-Sports are also gradually becoming popular in the world. Because, there are many quality and scale tournaments open. This has attracted players from all over the world to gather. Create great tournaments that are not inferior to the top sports. On the other hand, the subjects participating in e-sports are all very young. Have a passion for video games like: League of Legends, cs go, dota, pubg,…


Kubet’s new interface and new features have been shared by the admin in detail. Hopefully these changes will help players have the best and most satisfying experience. don’t forget to contribute to us what you are not satisfied with. Kubet will always listen and improve to create the best quality playground.


  • Address: Số 57 P. Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0965522361
  • Homepage: https://kubet88.win

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