Login errors at AE888 and how to fix them

Login error is always an itching issue that many gamers fear to see. So, what is the cause of this problem? To get your answer, please read through the details of the post below.

OTP code is not sent to phone

Not receiving the OTP code which was sent to the phone through text message is one of the most common errors. However, this problem is mainly caused by the players, not the AE888 house.

Through our deep research and analysis, the final cause could be that the player’s phone had been used to register an AE888 account before. Another possibility might be someone had borrowed the player’s personal information to log in to AE888.

Normally, this problem happens when players do not receive the code sent back the first time and keep requesting a new code two or three times after that. But, the right action here is when not receiving the code one or two times, player should contact our customer service staff. We will help you log in to your AE888 account normally after just a few clicks.

Account error due to frequent login

Another fault occurs when players log in to their betting account with a dense frequency. In detail, this is caused when players log in too many times in a day or within an hour.

The main cause of this error is the bad status of the Internet or some network connection lags. Players who do not pay enough attention may assume the betting platform is having problems but the truth isn’t so. Even when we have a large number of players logging in at the same time, this will never happen.

Duplicated betting account

It is not hard to see a circumstance of an AE888 betting account is duplicated or at least is recognized as duplicated and looks the same with someone’s account. In fact, this is very common because the web has millions of people registered to participate, and sometimes, the number of characters in the login name may be almost the same.

So don’t be a worry. We just want to assure your online safety and security and may require you to confirm your information again. Just contact our supporting staff and everything will be fine.

Access link is blocked

Many gamers cannot log into https://ae888win.net/dang-nhap-ae888/ from the homepage link due to various reasons. It may because of the block from Vietnamese network operator when the proxy or IP address player is using is faulty. Or even player has filled in the wrong information during the participation process.

So, if the link is blocked by the network operator or IP, the player can switch DNS back to normal. Otherwise, if players have filled in the wrong personal information, please check carefully again and start the process from the beginning.

In case players forgot their passwords or accounts, please contact our customer service for support.

Account is temporarily locked

This fault must not also be ignored because it’s serious and could happen regularly. The reason could be that players have violated certain rules of the AE888 bookie before without awareness.

Maybe some people are still confused when I mention certain rules. But it’s easy to understand. For example, a player with a single phone number and bank account is only allowed to register one time only. If that player registers he/she’s account for more than one time intentionally, it will be detected and our system will temporarily lock that account.

The account is not working

This happens when players have successfully registered for their accounts, but when they log in again, all they receive are error messages. The cause is that players have done the registration process at the time of system maintenance.

However, players do not need to worry about the case of their accounts being locked. They just only need to wait a few minutes after registration to be able to log in to their accounts normally.

Overload of players

To assure the best operating system, our system has limited the number of players logging at one time. So there will be some cases in that players cannot log into their AE888 account during peak hours. The reason is at that time, the number of players participating is being overloaded. At this time, the system will process data at the same time, causing the server to be overloaded.

Other faults such as jerky lag, no successful bets, faulty web access, and so on could possibly happen at that time. Players will, unfortunately, experience some temporary connection loss as well.

Once again, please do not worry about this problem at all because it is normal during peak hours and will be handled in a few minutes.


Hopefully, the above information will help you to know some common errors when logging in with us. Besides, do not forget to follow our page to get more updated and useful articles at the address https://ae888win.net/

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