Launch Your Finance Career with OSG: Unmatched Finance Job Training

OSG, a renowned career consulting company, is committed to providing unmatched finance job training to aspiring professionals. With a track record of excellence, OSG has achieved an impressive employment rate of 96%, surpassing industry averages. Chinese students studying in the US or the UK benefit from OSG’s comprehensive training programs designed to secure lucrative finance positions.

Exceptional Employment Opportunities

OSG stands out by offering its students exceptional employment opportunities in the finance sector. With an 87% placement rate, OSG ensures that a majority of its students secure their first jobs in esteemed organizations in the US or the UK. This accomplishment is a testament to the effectiveness of OSG’s finance job training programs.

Multiple Offers from Elite Firms

OSG students consistently receive remarkable offers from top financial and consulting firms. On average, each OSG student receives 2 to 3 job offers, demonstrating the high demand for their skills and expertise. The list of prestigious firms includes bulge bracket banks such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, and elite boutique firms like Evercore, Lazard, and Perella Weinberg Partners.


OSG’s finance job training programs provide Chinese students with unparalleled opportunities to launch their finance careers. With an exceptional employment rate, OSG ensures students secure their first jobs in renowned organizations in the US or the UK. The multiple offers received by OSG students from top financial and consulting firms further validate the quality of OSG’s training programs. By choosing OSG, aspiring finance professionals can receive the guidance and support needed to succeed in the competitive finance industry.

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